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1-3-2-6 Profit Wagering Strategy

For a casino game that does not afford great opportunity to use playing skill and game specific betting strategy, online baccarat still returns fair odds and a reasonable House Advantage. With only three possible bets, the options to incorporate baccarat online strategy are few; Yet, they are still there, none the less.

Possessing more elements of chance than other casino games like craps and its close cousin, blackjack, online baccarat is a fast-paced game of close calls, large bets and frequently used bankroll systems like the Martingale. Many players also try their hand at using software tutorials and in-depth playing strategies often sold by self-proclaimed baccarat hustlers for thousands of dollars. The majority of bettors and pros who play by the numbers do not put stock in these types of systems, but rather, advise players to first seek out a simple wagering strategy, which is the most surefire way a baccarat player can cut down the Casino Edge.

For instance, players should never make the Tie bet. Although the payoff is generous at 8 to 1, the bet is an unwise one to make, for the Casino Advantage is a whopping 14% – Not good odds in the short and long run. By sticking with the Player and Banker bets, you are keeping yourself within the best striking range possible.

There are many online baccarat players who keep score cards with them at the table, which are designed for keeping track of playing cards and deciphering patterns. While the card-counting aspect does help to bring down the Casino Edge somewhat (nothing like card-counting at blackjack however), spotting patterns is very caustic, and many baccarat players advise that doing so is not worth the time and effort.

A baccarat online strategy that some players may want to try at home first or on the computer is the 1-3-2-6 betting system that offers a 5 to 1 return. Similar, yet much safer than the Martingale System, the 1-3-2-6 strategy is a way of putting one’s already acquired profit to use in a safe manner, much like that of investment banking. It begins by wagering a single unit. Considering the high stakes associated with the game of baccarat, you may want to begin with the smallest permitted stake size, depending on your bankroll and how much you can afford to be set back. Also, at any time in which you lose your hand, go back to betting a single unit and working your way up again.

Once you win your single-unit bet, make your next bet three units, thereby putting only two units of your original bankroll at risk. If this wager wins, you will be up five units. Take away four units of profit and make your next bet for two units. If this bet wins, you will be up a total of seven units. Make your next bet for six units (thus always keeping a single unit of profit on reserve). If this bet wins, you will be up twenty units from when you started.

The most you will be putting at risk of your original money using this online baccarat strategy is two units on the second bet, which goes to show that this strategy has a good return for putting one’s acquired profit at a low level of risk. We recommend that baccarat players try this strategy at home with play money or using the free software at an online casino before playing with real stakes to determine if the 1-3-2-6 betting strategy is conducive with one’s bankroll.


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