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Asian Handicap Line

Sports’ betting has existed for a very long time, but as it became more widespread and sportsbooks gathered force, a huge selection of types of lines and bets became available. The regular lines like money lines, totals and point spreads started to lose ground in some sports with the arrival of more interesting options, like the Asian Handicap Line.

The Asian Handicap Line is a soccer line that originated in Asia but has quickly become Europe’s and other soccer fans’ favorite. Just like with a regular goal line you get points (with the underdog) or give up points (with the favorite) to even out the playing field. While a goal line for a soccer match might be Arsenal -1.5 goals, the Asian Handicap line would be -1.25.

This does not mean that you are giving up 1.25 goals. What the Asian Handicap does is split your bet in two. Half of your wager will go to -1 and the other half to -1.5. The reason it is represented in that way is because 1.25 is in the middle, between 1 and 1.5. Imagine it on a ruler:

So when you bet the 0.25 line, 50% of your bet goes to 0 (known as Pk) and 50% of your bet goes to 0.5. If you take the 0.75 line, 50% of your bet goes to 0.5 and the other 50% to 1. And so forth. You will also hear them referred to in quarters, so what you read online as -0.75 will be called “minus three quarters” by the clerk. Study the chart below to see how you see it and how we call it.

How you see it online How a clerk might read it to you Line for 50% of your bet Line for the other 50% of your bet
-0.25 “Minus a quarter”
“Minus one fourth”
Pk -1
0.75 “Plus three quarters”
“Plus three fourths”
0.5 1
1.25 “Plus one and a quarter” 1 1.5
-1.75 “Minus one and three-fourths”
“Minus one and three quarters”
-1.5 -2

So for example, the line on the Arsenal is -1.25 -120 and you want to bet $100. Instead of betting $120 to win $100 on the Arsenal, as if it were a regular goal line, you will split your bet: $60/$50 on Arsenal -1 and the other $60/$50 on Arsenal -1.5.

In order for you to win the full $100, Arsenal will have to win by two points. But if Arsenal were to win by only one point, you would not lose 100% of your bet as you would on the goal line -1.5. You would tie the first $60/50 (Arsenal -1) and lose the second $60 (Arsenal -1.5). So instead of losing $100, you only lost $60


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