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Baccarat – Playing for Ties

I thought I would give you some basic tips this month for some relatively easy methods for playing ties. If you are a casual Baccarat player, try one or more of these techniques for betting ties the next time you are in the casino. Since a tie pays 8 to 1, you can stretch your bankroll out a bit in trying to hit the all elusive tie!

This first method has neither rhyme nor reason, but I have sat at mini-baccarat tables and watched players use this quite successfully! Take the casino scorecard to chart the decisions of Banker Player or Tie. Makes no difference how many boxes “long” the card may be, but when you go to a succeeding column, bet that a tie will match up in the same “box” that it occurred in the previous column. Now, many players don’t want to expect too much precision, so they will start betting for a tie one or two “boxes” before the anticipated match up, and possibly one or two “boxes” after, if it doesn’t align quite exactly. This is workable because the tie pays 8 to 1. If you bet five times to hit that tie, you still are ahead by three when the tie shows up! As I said, no scientific proof here, but I have seen this method win on more than one occasion.

Tie After Tie. If you have ever played Baccarat, you most assuredly know the dealer’s litany after a tie has just hit; “Press ’em, Change ’em, Rearrange ’em, Ties often repeat.” (I’ve always answered, “Not often enough!”) Many players subscribe to this theory, and will bet that there will be two tie hands in a row. See a tie, Bet a tie. Once again, you can bet up to eight times this way and still break even if you win on that ninth attempt!

Tie Skip Tie. If I were to pick one of these methods to use, I would pick this one, as my shoes show that this type of tie appearance seems to happen more often than the back to back ties. This is simply a Tie win, a Player or Banker wins, and then another Tie wins. (Tie, Skip a hand, Tie). You may actually have a shoe where you are seeing both the Tie after Tie and Tie Skip Tie combinations, so you just bet for both!

Counting For Ties. This one requires a little more attention to detail on your part. Count the number of hands between ties to see if there are a consistent number of hands between ties. I.e. 7 hands between ties, followed by 9 hands, followed by 7 again. So, you would start counting and bet after 7, 8 and 9 hands, looking for another tie.

Scoring For Ties. This one will require even more attention to detail. Record the winning score of each hand-if a tie occurs after a winning score of 6 on Banker, then that next Banker hand with a winning score of 6 would be your signal to bet for a tie.

The method I prefer the most is following a tie winner! When I am at a table and find someone who is consistently winning most of their tie bets, I follow their lead, and bet the tie when THEY bet the tie. (I have seen some phenomenal wins by players who have an uncanny ability to see a tie coming!)

For myself, beating the tie bet remains an enigma, but for fun and relaxation, playing a shoe or two and just looking for the tie bets only, using one of the above methods, can be entertaining as well as financially rewarding.

Good Luck at the Baccarat Tables!


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