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Baccarat: The Card Drawing Rules

Have you ever sat at the Baccarat table and watched with envy as the player next to you got on a long run of Bankers or Players, and cleaned out the chip tray? Well, I can’t guarantee that what I am about to share with you will ALWAYS put you on a run, but these few pointers may help you to feel the confidence to put your money out there and give it a go!

Runs are quite often a result of what we refer to as Dominance-which is just another way of saying that one side, Banker or Player, is winning a lot more hands than the other, or they may be winning those hands in quite an emphatic fashion. The first sign to look for is the hand that is Dominant will win by very impressive scores. I.e. the hand wins with a Natural eight or nine, and the losing hand is very weak, with a score of 3 or less. Or, the winning hand will be in a precarious position after the first two cards are dealt-say the Banker is dominant, and the Player has 5 and the Banker has 1, then the player draws a three for a score of 8. Now, the Banker has only two cards to draw that will beat that hand-a seven or an eight-and Loa and behold, the draw card is a seven! I call those incredible draws, and when they are happening on the side that is winning more hands than the other, I call a confirmation of Dominance.

You may also see that the weak side is only managing to win one hand in a row, while the strong side is winning two and three in a row at the very least. This is another sign of Dominance. When you see this type of activity in a Baccarat shoe, just start betting every hand for the strong side. If the weak side is only going one win in a row, then bet two units when it switches from strong side to weak, and you will net a one unit win for every bet you make. Stop when you lose two hands in a row.

Now, the above strategy will make you some money when one side is winning more than the other, but is not getting long runs to show the advantage. For the long runs, try this approach. Looks for three wins in a row on the same side that are all strong hands. Say all three win with naturals, or the draw increases the winning score to eight or nine, when a score of four would have done just as well. Now, put a chip out there for a possible run. Once you win that first bet, you can’t lose, because even if the run ends on the next hand, you will be even for the effort!

Want to really have some fun (and profit) with a run? Once you win two bets, double your wager. If you lose now, you are even, and if you win, you have 6 chips instead of 4. Now, parlay (that means leave your original bet, plus your win) your bet for three more hands. If you win all three you will have just made +1 +1 +2 +4 +8 +16 or 32 units! This won’t happen very often, but when it does, it will make your day! (If you win that 16 unit bet, I would suggest you reduce you bet to a smaller size, say five units, and just bet the same amount each time until the run ends).

Two rules about runs. NEVER BET AGAINST A RUN. If you bet WITH it, you can only lose once! Once you are on a run, stay with it until it ends. You never know if this just might be the one that goes 15 in a row!

Happy hunting, and good fortune at the tables!



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