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Betsson Bookmaker Review

betsson is part of the Betsson Group which is listed on the Stocholm Stock Exchange, and has over 40 years of experience in the betting industry. It is a very solid and reliable company and the Betsson sports book has been providing an online service since 2002. The company is based and licensed on Malta.

The site is available in 18 different languages and you can bet in 7 different currencies with the odds being available in a decimal (European) format.

What makes Betsson a unique bookmaker is the fact that Betsson is not just a regular sports book, it is also a betting exchange. For those of you who are not familiar with how a betting exchange works, we will explain it in this article. In addition to the betting exchange and sports book service, Betsson also offers Poker, Bingo, Games, and betting on the financial market, which is referred to as their Trader market.

What is a betting exchange? The biggest and most famous betting exchange is Betfair and it is a place where you bet against other bettors instead of betting against a bookmaker. The betting exchange, in this case Betsson, takes a commission every time a transaction is made, which is how they make their money. Usually the commission is about 4% of the net win, and only the winner pays.

So if you want to bet on a team you think will win you chose the option BACK, but if instead you think that the team will not win, you chose the option LAY. You take the role as a bookmaker and chose what odds you want to offer the other customers. You can of course change it or remove it if you have second thoughts.

If you don’t like the odds available, you can post the odds that you want to bet on, and hope that someone want to BACK or LAY your offer. You never know who you are betting against as you are totally anonymous. Betsson takes care of all transactions but you do need to ensure there is enough money on your account as no credit is given.

The advantage of using a betting exchange compared to betting with a regular bookmaker is that first of all, a betting exchange almost always offer better odds than regular bookmakers. It is also nice that you can chose your own odds and lay teams, acting like a bookmaker.

Betsson´s regular sports book offers a wide range of sports. You can find the major US sports as well as the European sports, which is of note to many betting fans. The selection of leagues is outstanding, covering many small leagues, including the lower Scandinavian leagues. There are a lot of betting options offered like: Correct score, half time result, number of goals, first team to score and many more. There is also an Asian handicap line offered with about average odds, which is probably better than most of the Asian odds offered outside of Asia. Betsson of course offers live betting, in fact, you can bet live on all the games available at the betting exchange.

The odds offered at the sports book are about the average level when compared to the market. Betsson has a betting limit at 5000 Euros, which should be enough for most customers

The site is user friendly with a clean and simple design. It can be a little tricky to use a betting exchange when you are a beginner, but Betsson has a help section that is great and is recommended for all new users. There is a live score facility where you can follow the scores in your game, which is helpful for the live in play betting option. This section is also where you will find tables and some statistics.

The customer support is very good as you can reach them by e-mail, phone or by live chat. As far as we are concerned we have never had any issues with Betsson.

The payment methods are the standard options of Credit/debit card, Neteller, Moneybookers, bank transfer and many more. There are several withdrawal methods, which usually takes a couple of days.

Betsson always offers some kind of sign up bonus, so check them out that before you sign up!

Our team rates Betsson as a great bookmaker and we really like that Betsson offers a betting exchange. You can very often find some very attractive offers there which is a great reason to keep returning to the site. We really recommend Betsson, and if you are not already trading at a betting exchange, you should try it out as it is fun and can be very profitable.

The only minus point for Betsson is that there are no horse racing or greyhound odds offered.


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