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billiard cue stick affect your shot?

That is an awesome question. That question has run many people away from improving their game many times in the past. A lot of people just don’t realize how a price tag of a billiard cue stick can affect your shot, and rightfully so, it sounds ridiculous. In this guide to choosing a good quality, well manufactured billiard cue, I will show you the answer to that question, plus many more pool cue tips, that so many people get scared of and run away from without every doing any investigating. Without this investigation, many people are unaware of the opportunity that they are leaving on the table, literally. Either way, it doesn’t cost anything to do research on pool cue tips. If it is something that interests you, well, then it would be considered time well spent.

The price of a billiard cue stick is merely a reflection of the quality that it represents. Different types of woods, butts, tips, and whether it is machine made or handmade, can all add or reduce costs to the manufacturer. The better quality a billiard cue is, well, the more money it is going to be worth. It’s that simple. Now, I understand that doesn’t sound real attractive to you, but this is where it starts benefiting you out on a billiards table, or pool table.

Have you ever noticed that when you see a professional pool player, an amateur pool player, or even a man or woman that just enjoys the game at home, tends to have their own billiard cue stick? It has to be for some reason. Generic pool cues are a dime a dozen, and if you don’t play much, you can pick up a generic billiard stick at your local billiards shop, or even at a large retail show such as Wal-Mart or Target. These are not the type of pool cues that I am talking about. I am referring to the billiard cue sticks that are specially made by some of the big names such as McDermott Pool Cues, Schon Pool Cues, Viking Pool Cues, and CueTec Pool Cues. Each one of these manufacturers makes different styles of pool cues for different ages, or men and women. Each of these manufacturers also makes different billiard cue sticks out of different types of woods and metals. A quality wood/metal pool stick is obviously going to be higher in price, but is also going to be more forgiving to your style of play during a billiards game. With different feels, of the cue, and different weights of cue sticks, you will need to find your personal style of playing, then purchase a pool cue to fit those needs.

The strike on the cue ball before it ever makes contact with any other balls on the table is the first step to a successful shot and if your cue stick is sitting in your hands and you are not comfortable, chances are you are already making it much more tough on yourself than it really has to be. If you are comfortable, you will most likely “feel” good and be able to make a better shot. These higher quality pool cues can give you that edge.

If you ever happen to find yourself inside a pool hall or billiards club… take a moment to look at all the billiard cues that they offer to let just anyone use. You will notice that sometimes the rubber piece at the end of the butt is missing, the cue doesn’t take chalk well, and my favorite, the cue stick is bent. How well do you think you will shoot with a bent billiard cue stick? These higher quality pool cues have parts built in to resist against thing like that (bending, falling apart, etc.). This is another reason why a price tag of a billiard cue stick can affect your shot and understanding the pool cue tips will benefit you.

Chances are, if you have read this far then you are already considering a new, high quality pool stick. As a billiards player myself, I can tell you, the quality of your pool cue definitely makes a big difference. Now that I have been playing for awhile with a good pool cue, if I happen to go out without my personal cue and we end up at a pool table somewhere, I would rather act as a spectator than play with an old generic bar room pool cue. Something that you should know… Although many manufacturers make good quality pool cues, that doesn’t necessarily mean that they would be good for your personal style.

Know your style, then research all of the different billiard cue sticks available and once you find the perfect match, then you can come back here and tell me about how much you love you new billiards cue because I guarantee you will see an immediate improvement with your new cue stick!


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