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Bingo Terms

Here is a comprehensive list of words often associated with bingo playing. Because many of the words come with helpful hints, you will find them very useful whether or not you are playing online. These terms will also come in handy whether you are a beginner or a repeat player. Enjoy online gambling at bingo halls!

Blackout – This is the name of a pattern where you must cover the entire playing card to win. Blackout bingo is a popular type of bingo game with players who wish to extend their playing time (because it usually takes longer to win). Also known as Coverall.

Bonanza – This is a progressive coverall jackpot that is typically played as the 13th game of the session. Before the session starts, 45 numbers are drawn and players must mark them and set them aside on separate playing cards. Usually there is a minimal additional fee to play this game (around $1). The countdown starts at no more than 48 numbers and can go up to one number a week to 52 numbers or until it is won. The total  winning amount of the jackpot is usually defined by the card sales for that game.

Caller – This is the person who calls out each of the bingo numbers.

Chat Room – Chat rooms are screens often provided and commonly used by bingo players to communicate with each other about game play. This is a very useful  tool for reading messages posted by other players.

Coverall –  See Blackout above.

Dauber – This is the name of the utensil used for marking the playing cards. It is commonly an ink-filled pen with a foam-type tip. You simply press down on the playing card and it dispenses a mark onto the card (without actually hiding the number) . Used instead of chip markers. Obviously not physically used with online play. Also see G.T.I. and T.E.D below.

Free Space – This is almost always the center spot on the playing card. It counts as free spot with every game you play. It’s like having a wild card (number). Look for gaming sites that provide these spaces (believe it or not, some don’t) as it most certainly increases your chance of winning. Also see Hardway bingo below.

Game Board – This is the board where all numbers in play are posted for the current game. Some sites even keep previous game histories posted. Game boards are useful in keeping track of your play especially when you are playing many cards at once without automatic Dauber systems

Game Room – You will find that some sites divide players up into different rooms.

G.T.I., or T.E.D. – This is the automatic Dauber system commonly used (for a minimal fee/ only one allowed per player) when playing multiple playing cards at once.

Hardway Bingo – This is a straight line bingo game where there is no free space provided.

Jackpot  – This is the term used for a large prize that is typically awarded to a bingo player for completing a hard to get pattern such as a Blackout. You will find that many popular sites have multiple Jackpots. While Jackpots are obviously harder to win, they are good incentives that provide a chance at winning a lot of money.

Minimum Buy-in – This is the amount some games require you to invest in order to be eligible for winnings. Not all games/sites have minimums, but in some cases you will find games with larger winnings or Jackpots tend to have them.

Money Ball  – This is a (bonus) number drawn before the beginning of the game that will double the player’s winnings if bingo is hit on that number.

Online Bingo – Players can play bingo games online. Also known as online gambling.

Progressive Jackpot – This is a Jackpot where the winnings increase until it is won. As with most Bonanza Jackpots, you will find that there is usually a minimal separate fee or buy-in to be eligible for these winnings.

Six-Pack or Nine-Pack – This a pattern where there are six or nine numbers in a block on one card.


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