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Bowling Game

Bowling game is a popular game with its origin steeped in the ancient past. You will find in this article – a brief overview on the history of the bowling game and many a useful bowling tip and bowling instruction. You will also learn how to play an online bowling game.

Bowling Game History

An attempt to trace the bowling game history takes us into the ancient Egyptian era. Bowling balls and pins were found in the tomb of an Egyptian king who died in 5200 B.C. In Germany, the bowling game can be traced back to the fourth century when the game was considered part of the religious ceremony. People who had the prowess to knockdown bowling pins were considered of good character. British kings Edward II and Richard II banned the bowling game because they felt that the people wasted too much time on the sport. Bowling has been popular in America since the Colonial days. The current ten pin bowling game can be traced to the German game that began with ninepins.
Standardization in the bowling game was brought about during the 19th century when the American Bowling Congress was established in 1985. The Women’s International Bowling Congress was started in 1916. Today, the bowling game has come a long way from its humble beginnings. Online bowling game too has found many keen enthusiasts.

Bowling game

The bowling game is made up of ten frames. In each frame, the bowler tries to knock down all ten pins. If the playeris successful at the attempt, then the particular frame is over. If there are any pins left standing, the second ball is rolled. With this attempt, if the bowler manages to knock down all the remaining pins then it is a ‘spare’. If there are any pins still left standing, the result is an open frame. The bowler is credited with just the amount of pins that fell.

When a spare is made, the bowler gains an additional credit of 10 points in addition to the number of pins knocked down on the next throw. If a player follows a spare by rolling a 5 count on the next ball, he gets credit for those 5 pins which is then added to the 10 points on the spare. Then he scores 15 points on that particular spare.

A strike is worth 10 points as well as the number of pins the player knocks over the next two tosses. For example,a frame where the bowler manages to knock 5 pins in the first ball and 3 pins in the second ball following a strike will result in 18 points (10+5+3). The score of each frame is added together to reach the final total at the end of 10 frames.

Bowling game equipment

· The bowling game BALL must be round with a circumferenceof 27 inches and must weigh not more than 16 pounds.
· The bowling game PIN must be 15 inches high, 4 ¾ inches wide at the belly and weigh between 3 lbs. 6 oz. and 3 lbs. 10 oz.
· The bowling game LANE must be 60 feet long and 42 inches wide.
· During the bowling game, the pins are set to a triangle.The lead pin closest to the bowler is known as the headpin or No. 1 pin. The other pins are numbered 2 through 10.

Bowling tip / Bowling instruction

Take a bowling tip or two and hone up your bowling skills. Check out some important bowling instruction before you set the ball rolling:
· In a bowling game, the middle two fingers and the thumb are used to grip the standard three-holed ball. The fingers should fit the second knuckle and the thumb all the way.
· The palm should be in loose contact with the ball’s surface.
· An ideal stance in a bowling game is to place the feet together pointing to the target with the knees bent slightly.
· In a bowling game, the bowler’s shoulders must be at right angles to the bowling target.
· The bowler’s wrist must be firm, straight, and not bent backwards. The non-bowling hand helps to support the ball.
· While swinging, use a ball that can be swung back and forth freely and comfortably.
· The scoring system is not merely a count of pins knocked down. Concentrate on the spares and strikes as they provide bowlers with extra credit bonus.
· High scoring bowling game can be played only by bunching strikes together.

The Pennsylvania State Bowling Association, a State body belonging to the American Bowling Congress, plays an important role in organizing recreational and competitive bowling tournaments. The Annual Bowling tournament will be held between April 3 and June 20 2004 at Pennsylvania.


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