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Boxing Betting – Bet on Boxing – Best Sportsbooks For Boxing Wagers

Boxing was once the most bet-upon sport in the world, generating more betting action than even the NFL up until the recent past. All was well until the sport became plagued by rumors of high profile fight fixing and shady deals taking place behind the scenes. The betting action slowed down to a more reasonable rate and has since leveled off to a healthy middle ground. Today, boxing betting is a thriving industry, mostly thanks to the advent of online sports betting.

Most boxing wagers take place in one of two forms: the moneyline and the over/under. Moneyline bets are fairly simple – you bet on one boxer or the other to win and your winnings are paid according to the moneyline odds. Over/under boxing bets are reserved for proposition style bets such as wagers on how many rounds the match will last.

Moneyline Wagering

With moneyline bets, each boxer’s name is listed alongside a number that represents the odds. Boxing matches usually look something like this:

Trinidad +250
Jones -320
Draw +1700

The positive number next to Trinidad’s name means he’s the underdog in this match. For every $100 you bet on Trinidad, you stand to win $250 if he wins the match. Jones is the favorite so he gets the negative number. If you want to bet on Jones, you’ll need to wager $320 for every $100 in winnings.

Draws are unlikely so they get large positive numbers. In this example, you stand to win $1,700 for every $100 you bet on the draw. It’s a highly unlikely event so the payoff is a lot bigger for the draw.

Over/Under Bets

These types of bets are made on certain events that don’t strictly have win or lose outcomes. Examples of these types of bets are things like how long the match will last or how many points will be scored. A typical proposition bet will look something like this:

Total Rounds o 5 -150   (the “o” stands for over)
Total Rounds u 5 +130  (the “u” stands for under)

If you bet that this match will last over 5 rounds, you’ll have to wager $150 for every $100 in winnings. The bookmakers think it’s likely the match will last for more than five rounds so you have to wager more when betting on the over in this situation. If bet on the match lasting less than five rounds, you can win $130 for every $100 that you bet.