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Casino War Rules

Casino War Rules

Casino War is definitely one of the most easy – if not the easiest – card games to learn and play at online casinos. If you are familiar with the card game that you used to play as a child, called War, this is the same game except that now you get to make various bets with real chips. In other words, the stakes are much higher. If you have never played War before, it is a simple card game offering relatively few strategic options aside from choices to make a tie side bet or to go to War, both of which affect the Casinos Edge (Avoid the Tie Bet).

A game of War is played with six, fifty-two card decks, which are reshuffled after every spent game. Each game begins by the player making an Ante wager, as well as the option of making the Tie Bet (The tie bet is an insurance bet of sorts, in that if the player and dealer tie, the bet will pay out accordingly).

After initial bets have been made, the player and dealer are each dealt a face-up card. The highest ranking card wins the bet, unless each card is of the same denomination, resulting in a tied hand. In other words, cards are ranked by denomination, and not by value. Therefore, an Ace is higher than a King, a Jack is higher than a Ten, and a Five of Hearts and a Five of Spades create a tied hand.

If a tie occurs and the player had made the tie bet, this will normally pay 10x the tie bet amount (which can be any value). If the player’s card is beat out by the dealer’s, then both the ante bet and tie bet are lost to the online casino.

In the case of ties, the player has the option of raising the bet and playing on, or surrendering and losing half the ante bet. If the player chooses to go to War and make the raise, it must be at least the amount of the ante wager. The dealer will then burn three cards (dealing them face down), followed by an upturned card to the player and one to the dealer. Again, whoever has the highest denomination card will be the winner.

If the player wins, the payout will be 2x the ante wager plus 1x the raise. If the player loses, all bets are forfeited. If the hands tie again, the player will receive an Ante Bonus (3x the ante) plus 1x the raise. Initial tie bets will still pay regardless if the player wins or loses the tie round.


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