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Champions League

Champions League Betting
Champions Leauge is the most important organization in Europe played between clubs. The most powerful club teams of Europe show up in Champions League, which is also called giants league. When league begins to be played, Champions League bets start to appear in betting fans coupons.

Champions League Qualifying Round:
Champions League bettings start with 1st qualifying matches that are first played in mid July. Other participants that are not among the teams that participate to Champions League directly according to their country and club points are determined by the end of these pre- qualifying tours. Teams play 1 to 3 pre- qualifying games again according to UEFA ranking. Teams that succeed in 3 elimination tours qualify to play the Championship League.

Group Matches:
After group lots are drawn, 32 strong teams compete in 8 groups of 4 teams each. Each team holds 2 matches against each other; one match at home and one displacement. Teams that rank in the first and second places in their groups qualify to partake in the following groups. The third ranking team on the other hand, pursues its European adventure in UEFA Cup. As 3 teams have objectives in a 4 team group, the excitement is experienced till the end of last group matches.

Group matches are very important for punters that lay bets on the Champions Leauge. As each team play 6 matches, it is possible to collect enough information about the strength of teams during these matches. Moreover, you have a chance to follow the teams since a lot of matches are broadcasted live. For that reason, group matches period is very important for master punters to make plentiful decisions.

Double- elimination Tournament:
The first two ranking 16 teams in group matches are peered through a draw and they confront according to double elimination rule. All tournaments until final match are played according to double match elimination rule. Only final match is played upon single elimination.

Double elimination matches are very important in Champions League bets. As away game goals are very important, teams play very strategic matches and they may not always get successful results corresponding to their strength. A lot of surprises happen in elimination matches.

Champions League Final Game:
Champions Leauge Final is a game through which the strongest team of Europe is determined. It is played in a country designated beforehand and it is closely follwed by the all of the world. Online Bookmakers offer numerous betting options specifically for this game. If there is a draw at the end of regular time of the final game that is played upon single elimination rule, game is extended. If no result is taken in extended time, penalty kicks determine the winner.

Champions League Live Betting:
Champions League games are broadcasted live in many countries. You can find live betting options for all games. The only handicap is that all games start at the same time. All games start at the exact same time on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Therefore, you need to choose the games that you want to watch beforehand and you can only watch two of them live.


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