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Deuce To 7 Triple Draw Play

Deuce to 7 Triple Draw Poker is a fun and exciting Draw poker variant.


To make the lowest possible five card hand by replacing any number of your initial five dealt pocket cards via three card draws and four rounds of betting. The hand rankings are the complete opposite of normal poker. For example a royal flush is the worst hand a player can have whilst 2-3-4-5-7 is the best. Aces only work as high value cards with deuces only being low value cards.

Playing Deuce to 7 Triple Draw:

  • Both betting and dealing rotate in a clockwise order. The dealer will be marked by a button. In clockwise order from the dealer are the players who for this round will be the small blind and big blind. The small blind if he so chooses must bet half of the low limit (25cent in a 50cent/$1 game) without seeing his hand blind and the big blind must bet the full low limit bet (50cent in a 50cent/$1 game) again without seeing his hand. In the following round the big blind will in turn be the small blind and so on. The benefit to being the dealer is that you are the last to bet and so have the advantage of seeing how the round plays out before committing any of your chips.
  • Once the two blinds have placed their bets or folded each player is given five, face down, hole cards which no other players are able to see. Each player starting from the player immediate to the big blind, following a clockwise order of rotation then commences a round of bets by placing their bet according to the limit rules mentioned above. Each player has the option to call (match the previous bet), fold (quit the round of play) or raise (increase the size of the call bet for the following players) according to how they value their cards. In a limit game their bet must be equal or higher than the set betting low limit (which would be 50cent in a 50cent/$1 game).
  • After each player has completed their first round of bets every player has the chance to discard any amount of their cards from zero to five, into the muck (unseen by other players) and replace them (draw). If a player keeps all of his five hole cards it is said he has chosen to stand pat. Each player, again starting with the player who is the big blind, places a bet. They can again either call, raise, or fold as long as their bet is equal or higher than the set betting low limit if a limit game (which would be 50cent in a 50cent/$1 game).
  • Once the dealer has made the final bet of the round all the players once again can choose to discard and draw as many cards as they wish. If a limit game all bets must now be equal or greater than the betting high limit (which would be $1 in a 50cent/$1 game).
  • There is now a final draw where each player is again able to discard and replace as many cards as they wish. In some instances because of the amount of draws the deck could run out of new cards to draw. In such a situation the cards folded by players are mucked, so as not to give any players an unfair advantage of what their competitors hands may or may not be, they are then cleaned and redistributed. A round of betting follows and a showdown takes place.


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