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Disney Playing Cards

The Deck

Originally sold as a souvenir at Disneyland in the early 1980’s, until recently these cards could still be seen used by a gypsy fortune teller machine in the Penny Arcade section of Main Street in the park.

The cards got too yellow and faded over the years, and were replaced in the machine with a more recent deck. (Note to collectors: do not store cards in glass booths out in the sun for years at a stretch).


Queen of Hearts
Queen of Hearts Minnie Mouse
Minnie Mouse, the queen of Mickey’s heart
King of Clubs
Mickey Mouse, holding the traditional orb
Jack of Diamonds
a two-eyed Donald Duck
Jack of Spades
a one-eyed Donald Duck.
Red Joker
joker goofy
(who else) Goofy!
Card Back
Card Back Mickey
Mickey again, in all his regal splendor (the deck was also available with a blue back)


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