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English Premier League

English Premier League Betting
English Premier League that has been played since 1992 is one of the highest quality leagues of Europe. Premier League is always watched with a lot of excitement with its full to capacity modern stadiums for every game; star football players and specifically English football. Premier League betting is played by a great number of people not only in England but all around the world.

The most important factor for Premier League bets to be favored that much is the fact that English Premier League games can be watched live in so many countries. Punters should always prefer to lay their bets on the games that they can follow. Another factor is a great number of foreign football players in the English Premier League. Therefore, football fans outside of England follow the Premier League to watch star football players from their countries.
If you want to lay a long term bet on a team that will be the champion before the league starts, teams that will first come to your mind will be definitely Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester United. In the last decade, no other team succeed in being the champion except for these three teams. B

lackburn Rovers become the champion in 1994-95 season and it is one of the four champion teams of Premier League since it was established. Besides for this championship of Blackburn Rovers Manchester United become champion for 8 times; Arsenal for 3 times and Chelsea for one time. We still advise you to track more statistics before you lay your bets on championships. Because, Chelsea signed very significant transfers that are capable of changing the whole balance of the league in the last two years with Roman Abramovich taking over the chairmanship. In 2004-2005 season Chelsea became champion by loosing just one game. In short, we advise you to show Chelsea as the most important championship candidate for a few years more in your bets on Premier League.

English Premier Leauge is the football league on which online bookmakers offer the greatest number of variety in options. You can find Asia handicap bets; double chance bets and many live bets as well as classical game bets.


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