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European Football Championship

European Football Championship Betting
European Football Championship is the most important tournament in Europe played between national teams organized by UEFA once every four years. Despite the fact that it is held every four years, it gives punters the opportunity to lay their bets on European Championship games considering the pre-elimination games towards determining teams that qualify for the cup.
European Football Championship Qualifying Round:
European Football Championship Eliminations create a great opportunity for betting fans that like laying their bets on games between national teams. In other words, European Football Championship betting starts with qualifying group games.

Lots are drawn to determine teams that will join the cup 2 years before it is played. Teams that succeed in group games qualify to join the cup. Group games provide a plenty of betting options. You can lay your bets on all games as well as on long term bets to predict who is going to come first out of a group. At the same time, you can get information about teams through these games.

Eropean Football Championship Ballot:
A ballot is taken in order to determine the groups in which teams that succeded in qualifying group games will play in European Football Championship. Betting sites offer interesting betting options for this ballot.

In European Football Championship first the group games are played. Each team will hold one game against the rivals in the group. A lot of surprises happen in group games. We advise to punters that bet on European Football Championship games to be very careful especially with the first games of the groups. If you lay your bets on after getting information on teams through first games, you can make more accurate decisions.

The tournament proceeds with the single game elimination rule following group games. Since teams increase their defensive measures in order not to be eliminated in these games, most of them finish with a draw. Extensions or penalty kicks are applied. At the end of 3-4 and final games European Football Championship bettings are finalized.


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