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World Cup Betting
World Cup is the most exclusive organization where international football is played at its highest level and it is organized by FIFA once every four years. Successful teams qualify to play the World Cup after a long elimination period held all around the world. World Cup betting give the opportunity to punters to lay their wagers on football betting in the summer time. As national league games are already over in the months when World Cup is held, football betting revive with Worl Cup betting.
World Cup Qualifications:
In fact, World Cup betting start way before the cup is started to be played. Firstly, elimination groups are played in all continents to find out which teams will be participating to the World Cup. Teams in each group hold two matches against each other, one match at home and an away game. After group games are played, teams that are successful according to the continent quota qualify to play the World Cup. Online Bookmakers offer betting options for all group matches.
World Cup Ballot:
After determining the successful teams through elimination matches played in all continents, Cup ballot is held. As group matches are played first, groups are determined and opening game is announced. Opening game is always played between the host country and one rival team from its group. After groups are determined, betting sites begin to offer long term betting options on cup winner and group matches. Usually, you can find betting options on teams that will take the first two ranks in their groups.
World Cup Group Stage:
Group matches are played in 8 groups with 4 teams each. Each team confronts the other once and its rank in the group becomes definite after a total of 3 matches are played. Teams that rank in the first and second place qualify to partake in the next tour. And all matches after that are played according to one match elimination rule. Especially in these elimination matches a number of surprises are experienced. The most enjoyable matches of the World Cup are these elimination matches. You can gain a lot by predicting a surprise.
World Cup Live Betting:
Online Bookmakers offer live betting options for every game as World Cup games are broadcasted live on television channels. Meanwhile, you can find a lot of different betting options for World Cup betting due to the great attention paid by punters. There are interesting betting options among them such as first corner kick bets; first yellow card bets; first goalscorer bets.

European Football Championship Betting
European Football Championship is the most important tournament in Europe played between national teams organized by UEFA once every four years. Despite the fact that it is held every four years, it gives punters the opportunity to lay their bets on European Championship games considering the pre-elimination games towards determining teams that qualify for the cup.
European Football Championship Qualifying Round:
European Football Championship Eliminations create a great opportunity for betting fans that like laying their bets on games between national teams. In other words, European Football Championship betting starts with qualifying group games.
Lots are drawn to determine teams that will join the cup 2 years before it is played. Teams that succeed in group games qualify to join the cup. Group games provide a plenty of betting options. You can lay your bets on all games as well as on long term bets to predict who is going to come first out of a group. At the same time, you can get information about teams through these games.
Eropean Football Championship Ballot:
A ballot is taken in order to determine the groups in which teams that succeded in qualifying group games will play in European Football Championship. Betting sites offer interesting betting options for this ballot.
In European Football Championship first the group games are played. Each team will hold one game against the rivals in the group. A lot of surprises happen in group games. We advise to punters that bet on European Football Championship games to be very careful especially with the first games of the groups. If you lay your bets on after getting information on teams through first games, you can make more accurate decisions.
The tournament proceeds with the single game elimination rule following group games. Since teams increase their defensive measures in order not to be eliminated in these games, most of them finish with a draw. Extensions or penalty kicks are applied. At the end of 3-4 and final games European Football Championship bettings are finalized.

Champions League Betting
Champions Leauge is the most important organization in Europe played between clubs. The most powerful club teams of Europe show up in Champions League, which is also called giants league. When league begins to be played, Champions League bets start to appear in betting fans coupons.
Champions League Qualifying Round:
Champions League bettings start with 1st qualifying matches that are first played in mid July. Other participants that are not among the teams that participate to Champions League directly according to their country and club points are determined by the end of these pre- qualifying tours. Teams play 1 to 3 pre- qualifying games again according to UEFA ranking. Teams that succeed in 3 elimination tours qualify to play the Championship League.
Group Matches:
After group lots are drawn, 32 strong teams compete in 8 groups of 4 teams each. Each team holds 2 matches against each other; one match at home and one displacement. Teams that rank in the first and second places in their groups qualify to partake in the following groups. The third ranking team on the other hand, pursues its European adventure in UEFA Cup. As 3 teams have objectives in a 4 team group, the excitement is experienced till the end of last group matches.
Group matches are very important for punters that lay bets on the Champions Leauge. As each team play 6 matches, it is possible to collect enough information about the strength of teams during these matches. Moreover, you have a chance to follow the teams since a lot of matches are broadcasted live. For that reason, group matches period is very important for master punters to make plentiful decisions.
Double- elimination Tournament:
The first two ranking 16 teams in group matches are peered through a draw and they confront according to double elimination rule. All tournaments until final match are played according to double match elimination rule. Only final match is played upon single elimination.
Double elimination matches are very important in Champions League bets. As away game goals are very important, teams play very strategic matches and they may not always get successful results corresponding to their strength. A lot of surprises happen in elimination matches.
Champions League Final Game:
Champions Leauge Final is a game through which the strongest team of Europe is determined. It is played in a country designated beforehand and it is closely follwed by the all of the world. Online Bookmakers offer numerous betting options specifically for this game. If there is a draw at the end of regular time of the final game that is played upon single elimination rule, game is extended. If no result is taken in extended time, penalty kicks determine the winner.
Champions League Live Betting:
Champions League games are broadcasted live in many countries. You can find live betting options for all games. The only handicap is that all games start at the same time. All games start at the exact same time on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Therefore, you need to choose the games that you want to watch beforehand and you can only watch two of them live.

UEFA Cup Betting
Subsequent to Champions League, UEFA Cup is the second most important organization that is played between the clubs in Europe. UEFA Cup bets provide betting opportunities for betting fans on important games throughout the football season during weekdays. High ranking teams in the leagues according to their country points; teams that succeeded in getting the national cup in their countries and teams that become successful in Inter Toto Cup qualify to play the UEFA Cup.
Particularly, after the status of UEFA Cup was changed and group games started to be played, punters began to pay more attention on UEFA Cup betting.
UEFA Cup Pre-qualifying Tournaments:
As a great number of teams qualify to play the UEFA Cup, teams that do not have enough country points and team points required to qualify to partake in groups directly and play 3 qualifying tours. Through pre-qualifying games, punters get a chance to lay their bets on UEFA Cup games from mid July on. Since teams that are not often seen partake in qualifying games, it is quite difficult to predict the game results. Punters that track the country leagues in depth can make important profits in UEFA Cup bettings from pre-determination tournaments on. Pre-determination tournaments are finalized with the 3rd tournament played at the end of September.
UEFA Cup Groups:
UEFA Cup format was changed in 2004/2005 season and group games are started to be played. Hence, more games are played and the attention paid on UEFA Cup betting increased. Group games are played in 8 groups of 5 teams each. Each team will play only one game against other teams and the place of the game is determined by a draw. As each group consist of 5 teams, one group does not play a game every week and it passes the week by. Group games give an opportunity for betting fans to get to know the teams. Teams that have the first two ranking in their groups qualify to play the next tournament.
Teams from Champions League:
Teams that are on the 3rd rank in Champions League group games join UEFA Cup following the group games. Every now and then even very strong teams are eliminated from Champions League and they qualified to join the UEFA Cup. Therefore, we advise you to wait until teams from the Champions League are determined if you want to lay your bets on long term UEFA Cup options to find out which team is going to win.
UEFA Cup Qualifying Tournaments:
Teams that succeed in group games compete with teams from Champions League. 32 teams play 2 game-elimination torunament (double-elimination) with a terrific struggle.
The most exciting part of the UEFA Cup bettings is these elimination tournaments. Since punter get information about teams following these games played, they become able to make decisions on who to support more easily. All games are played in this format until the final game.
UEFA Cup Final:
The most successful two teams qualify to play UEFA Cup final game subsequent to these stringent eliminations. UEFA Cup betting is concluded with the final game.

Intertoto Cup Betting
Intertoto Cup betting experience games that are perhaps among the most difficult ones to predict the result. The reason for that is some teams that join the Intertoto Cup compete in the cup with their back up players. Since the first tournament is played in mid June, some clubs that are in their preparation stage join this cup with their back up players. For that reason, you need to find out if teams are going to compete with A Teams by tracking the news about teams in order to be successful in Intertoto cup betting.
Intertoto Cup was organized in 1995 for the first time. According to the present format, 3 finals are played and 3 winner teams are determined in this cup unlike any other organization in UEFA. In 2006/2007 season, the cup format will be changed again and it will enable 11 successful teams to join UEFA.
Intertoto Cup bettings provide betting options in the summer time when football season has not started yet. First tournament games start in mid June and all games in the cup including the final games are played upon double elimination rule. In short, you will have a lot of options to bet on Intertoto Cup games. In august, final games are held in order to determine teams that will join UEFA Cup.
Especially in advance tournaments the cup experiences more enjoyable games by stronger teams joining the cup. From time to time, giant teams that demonstrated unsuccessful performance in their national leagues and could not join either Champions League or UEFA partake in Intertoto Cup. In 2001 PSG; in 1999 Juventus; in 1998 Valencia are good as examples to that.

Super Cup Betting
Super Cup is among the most important organizations of UEFA. The objective of Super Cup, which is finalized with one game unlike other cups organized by UEFA, is to confront the team that won the Champions League with the one that won UEFA Cup. For that reason, you can lay your bets on Super cup only for that single game.
The final game between two teams that had the best condition throughout the season gives a lot of excitement to football fans. Super cup bets enable punters to lay their bets on an exclusive game at the end of August.
The cup is played upon a single game since 1998. At the same time, Stade Louis 2 in Monaco has been hosting the cup since 1998. According to the agreement done, the cup will be played at that stadium until 2008.
You can find a lot of live betting options in betting sites for Super Cup, as the cup games are broadcasted live in many countries. We would like to remind the ones, who want to lay a bet on Super Cup games that the winner of the cup has never been determined by penalty kicks. The cup found its holder by the golden goal just once. UEFA Cup winner Galatasaray won the cup with Jardel’s golden goal against Spanish Real Madrid. Super Cup has been held since 1974. Ajax from Netherlands was the first team who brought the first cup to their museum. The team who won the cup for the most time till now is Milan. Milan showed the success of winning the cup for four times, the one 2003 being the last.

English Premier League Betting
English Premier League that has been played since 1992 is one of the highest quality leagues of Europe. Premier League is always watched with a lot of excitement with its full to capacity modern stadiums for every game; star football players and specifically English football. Premier League betting is played by a great number of people not only in England but all around the world.
The most important factor for Premier League bets to be favored that much is the fact that English Premier League games can be watched live in so many countries. Punters should always prefer to lay their bets on the games that they can follow. Another factor is a great number of foreign football players in the English Premier League. Therefore, football fans outside of England follow the Premier League to watch star football players from their countries.
If you want to lay a long term bet on a team that will be the champion before the league starts, teams that will first come to your mind will be definitely Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool and Manchester United. In the last decade, no other team succeed in being the champion except for these three teams. Blackburn Rovers become the champion in 1994-95 season and it is one of the four champion teams of Premier League since it was established. Besides for this championship of Blackburn Rovers Manchester United become champion for 8 times; Arsenal for 3 times and Chelsea for one time. We still advise you to track more statistics before you lay your bets on championships. Because, Chelsea signed very significant transfers that are capable of changing the whole balance of the league in the last two years with Roman Abramovich taking over the chairmanship. In 2004-2005 season Chelsea became champion by loosing just one game. In short, we advise you to show Chelsea as the most important championship candidate for a few years more in your bets on Premier League.
English Premier Leauge is the football league on which online bookmakers offer the greatest number of variety in options. You can find Asia handicap bets; double chance bets and many live bets as well as classical game bets.

Spanish La Liga Betting
Spanish League, alias La Liga experiences competitions of 20 teams. Barcelano and Real Madrid that are considered among the strongest teams of Europe also compete in the league. Spanish League bettings are followed by betting fans all along the season.
The most successful team in the history of Spanish League is Real Madrid. Real Madrid had become champion for 29 times and it is 12 times more than its closest rival Barcelona. There is always a big competition between these teams of which Barcelona is the latest champion. The most important games of Spanish League bets are played between these two teams. All betting sites open live betting options for that significant game. Most frequent three champions except for Barcelona and Real Madrid are Athletico De Madrid (9 times), Athletic Bilbao (8 times) and Valencia (6 times).
Barcelona and Real Madrid are always indicated among most favourite teams in European Cups, besides Spanish League. Both teams have been very successful in European Cups so far. As these two teams play European Cups almost every year, they get unexpected results in league games that are played after European games due to exhaustion and lack of concentration from time to time. It is worthwile to track the European performance of these two teams while laying bets on Spanish League. Except for the games played between Barcelona and Real Madrid, another important game of the league is played between two Madrid teams. There has been a big competition between Real Madrid and Athletico De Madrid for years.
Betting sites offer a lot of options for Spanish League. At the same time, Spanish is among the language options as it is a very widely spoken language.

Bundesliga Betting
German League, alias Bundesliga, is among important leagues of Europe. It is a league on which many football fans pay a lot of attention. German League betting is played by many punters not only in Germany but also in many other countries. Bundesliga is played in two leagues. These are the most exclusive organizations of German football: Bundesliga 1 and Bundesliga 2.
If there is one team that no punter, who bets on German League can overlook, it is Bayern Munchen. Bayern Munchen, who holds the privilidge of being the most frequent champion team in German League by far, is the team that has the lowest betting rate all the time in championship bettings that are opened at the beginning of German League season. The team become champion for 6 times in the last 10 seasons. It is the strongest candidate of championship in all seasons. Other strong teams of the league are Schalke 04, Borussia Dortmund, Hamburger SV and Werder Bermen. Out of these teams, Hamburger SV ans Schalke 04 have 7 championships; Borussia Dortmund has 6 championships and Werder Bremen has 4 championships.
Bundesliga 1 is played with the participation of 18 teams. At the end of the season, a team that got the 3rd rank relegate to Bundesliga 2. Likewise, 3 teams that succeed in Bundesliga qualify to play Bundesliga 1.
A majority of betting sites offer German among their language options. At the same time, it won’t be very difficult for you to find live betting options on German League bets.

French League 1 Betting
Ligue 1 is the league where highest level French football is played. The league that consists of 20 teams experiences very exciting games. A lot of punters follow French League and they always put Freach League bets on their coupons.
The dominant team in French Ligue 1 is Lyon for the last four seasons. Lyon succeded in being champion for 4 years successively and it is also the strongest candidate for championship this year with its distinctive points before its rivals.
Besides, another importance of this year for Lyon is that, if the team succeeds in being the champion, it will be the only team that got the championship for 5 years successively. If you go back before these successes of Lyon, you can see many different teams become champions. This is an important factor for French League bettings to attract a lot of attention all the time.
Even though, some of the teams dominate the league through some seasons, it is not so easy to predict which team is going to win before league starts by looking at it in general. For people, who do not know the history of French League very well, it may be surprising to hear that the team, which become the most frequent champion so far is Saint Etinne.
You can find betting options for Freanch League in all online bookmakers. At the same time, most of the major betting sites put French among language options. Alltough bookies do not offer many live bets for French League; you can still find live bet options for important games.

Italy Serie A Betting
Perhaps there is no one, who plays football betting and do not make room to Italy Serie A bets on their coupons. For some people Italy Serie A is the highest quality of Europe. The greatest reason for that is the fact that Italian teams such as Milan, Juventus and Inter do not only succeed in national league but also in European Cups. Italy Serie A games that have so many star football players are broadcasted live in many countries. Every year, Italian teams increase the interest in the league by signing flash transfers.
Teams that come into mind first in Italy Serie A are Juventus, Milan and Inter. These teams are the most frequent champions of Serie A as well. Juventus makes a distinction with 28 championships. By getting 3 championships in the last four years, Juventus made the difference between itself and its rivals even more. Milan has 17 championships, last one being in 2003-2004 season. The other team of the city Milan is Inter Milan with 13 championships. The last season Inter Milan became champion was 1988-89. These are usually the favourite teams of Italy Serie A betting.
Serie A league is famous with its derby games. The most important one of them is the Milan derby. A great competition is experienced in these games between the two strongest teams of the city: A C Milan and Inter Milan. Another important derby is played between the two teams of Rome: Lazio and AS Roma. You can find live betting options in betting sites for those games. Besides, you can find many live bet options every week for Italy Serie A betting.

Turkish Super League Betting
Turkish football has been in a rising period since early 2000s. The first signs for that were seen when Galatasaray got the UEFA Cup in 2000. Later in the World Cup that was held in 2002, Turkish national team attracted a lot of attention ranking third in the world.
Turkish Super League betting became an option, not only played by Turkish punters but they began to appear on betting coupons of numerous numbers of people from many different countries. The most important reason for that is the improvement the quality of the Turkish Super League. When star football players began to show their strength in the league, and European media started to pay more attention on Turkish Super League and Turkish Super League bets became more popular among punters. Some of these star football players that come to mind first are Kejman and Apiah who wore Fenerbahce’s uniform; Ricardinho and Kleberson, who wore Besiktas’ uniform.
Now, there are betting options on Turkish Super League in all major online bookmakers. The reason for that is not only the great attention paid by Turkish punters but the league attracts all punters’ attention. Many online bookmakers added Turkish language option to their websites due to consistent demands by Turkish punters. The number of champion teams in Turkish Super League is four. These are: Galatasaray, Fenerbahce, Besiktas and Trabzonspor. It has to be emphasized that among these four teams, Trabzonspor could not become a champion since the 1983-84 season. If you want to start Turkish Super League betting by laying your bets on long term championship before the league starts, we advise you to give priority to Galatasaray, Fenerbahce or Besiktas.
Except for the teams that succeed in being champions, there are other teams that push upper ranks. But there is no consistency in that matter. Due to financial reasons, these teams change all the time and each year another team push higher ranks. Therefore, we advise you to follow the league for several weeks to find out which teams could be an obstacle to the championship candidates.