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How to bet on Gaelic games

Gaelic games is a common name given to local sports of Ireland. The most important ones among these games are Hurling, Gaelic football and Camogie. The history of these games that are organized by Gaelic Athletic Association (G.A.A) goes back to the 13th century.

Gaelic games betting are especially paid attention in Ireland and its neighbouring countries. However, it is possible to find Gaelic games bettings in major betting websites. Hurling is a team game played by teams of 15 people. It is played with a stick and a ball. Hurling is played on a grass field with a stick and a ball looks like ice hockey. Hurling is played in North America as well as in Ireland. The reason for that is, the Irish people who migrated to North America.

Camogie is the Hurling game played by women. It is the same game except for some differences. Camogie is played by 12 people whereas Hurling is played by 15. Less physical struggle is allowed in Camogie.

Gaelic football is an Irish sport, where two teams of 15 people each try to score a goal by driving the ball with feet and hands. Gaelic football looks like regular football yet it is a little bit heavier. Gaelic football season starts in February with National League games. It is also the time that bettings on Gaelic football begin. You can find bets on Gaelic football in major online bookmakers from February on. If you have the opportunity to follow the Gaelic games, you can enjoy a different excitement by betting on Gaelic Games.


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