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How Billiard Cue Sticks Weight Affects Play

Understanding how the weight of a billiard cue sticks affects play and performance will help you figure out the appropriate weight that you should be using. Billiard cue weight certainly isn’t a cut and dry, one size fits all debate. More than anything else, it’s about personal preference, individual ability and your specific touch and feel. However, there are some standards that you can use to help guide your decision, understand the basics and end up with a perfectly weighted billiard cue sticks for yourself.

The general range for full-size pool cues these days is between 18 ounces and 21 ounces in weight. Different manufacturers and even different makes and models from the same manufacturer will have their own weight within that range. Many pool cues even have weight adjustment abilities which make it easy to add or remove weight in half ounce or ounce increments by unscrewing the butt of the cue.

So the question remains, how does the weight of your billiard cue sticks really affect play and performance? Starting with the most basic information, a heavier cue is going to deliver more force and a stronger impact when you make a shot. This added force also adds more instability and movement to your shot, which can lead to inaccuracy, particularly when you don’t hit your shot perfectly.

That’s why professionals and advanced players typically use lighter cues, topping out at 19 or maybe 19.5 ounces. A lighter cue delivers less force, however it will therefore be slightly more accurate. That force can be made up for, and a lighter cue will offer finer control. This includes more than just where you hit the cue ball, but also how fast you make the cue ball move, where you plan to bring the cue ball to after you hit your shot and much more.

One of the big areas that the weight of billiard cue will make a difference in is in the balance of the cue. The largest share of the weight of a cue lays in the butt, and when weight is added or removed from a model its done so on that side. The shaft will be whatever it’s going to be. Therefore, as you add or remove weight from a cue you are shifting its balance in terms of its weight distribution and therefore how it feels in your hand.

As mentioned, there is no one “correct” weight for billiard cue sticks, there is only what feels best for individual players. Beginners won’t need or truly even be able to manage the more precise control of a very light cue, and therefore heavier sticks are preferable. Once you improve your game, you will want to fine tune your abilities and to do that you’ll need a lighter cue.

Whatever weight you ultimately settle on though is a matter of personal preference. Keep in mind that the difference in weight comes from the butt, so pay attention to the balance of the cue and how it feels. Also keep note of the kind of precision you have, and if your shots are going where you want them to.

After playing with different weights you’ll soon learn what you prefer and what you play the best with. Remember, you can always keep your options open by buying a pool cue with an adjustable weight system which makes it easy to make your cue as light or heavy as you please depending on how you’re feeling at any particular time.


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