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How To Win at Baseball Betting

One of the easiest opportunities to Win at Sports Gambling is during the Baseball Season. For many reasons, the Public does not find this as popular a gambling period as Football. However, the Professional Gambler does and with certain information and techniques, the Professionals can Win easily and usually they do.

Just what exactly are these techniques and information I am alluding to? Well, for starters, I can share with you that there are better opportunities in Baseball by betting on Totals (Unders/Overs) than on Side bets. This is due to the larger volatility that Total Bets in Baseball generates. If one pays close attention to Line movements, it should be obvious that there is usually a lot of movement on Total Bets during the final hour leading up until gametime. Believe me when I say this: it is Not the Public money that most often move these Total Wagers. Rather, it is Professional Money!

For example, it is not uncommon for a Total to open as “10 Under” and then change to “10 Over minus 30 cents” by gametime. When one stops for a moment to interpret what just happened, a lot can be digested.

As I am sure you know, “10 Under” means that the bettor has to lay 20 cents juice if he wants to wager on the Under. “10 Over minus 30 cents” means that the bettor would now receive back $1.10 or Positive juice if he were to bet the Under. This change may not seem that dramatic but believe me, it is. More importantly, one must ask himself, “why did this total change so much?”

There are two key elements that the Professional gambler uses that aren’t so readily available to Joe Q. Public. I am specifically talking about two of the most important outside factors (besides Pitching) that influences Total Bets. And, they are the umpires, specifically the one who will be behind Home Plate and weather conditions at gametime. Some Umpires are known as “hitter” umpires with smaller strikezones whereas others are “pitcher” umpires with larger strike zones. Therefore, knowing who exactly will be umpiring behind Home Plate is of paramount importance when betting on Totals in Baseball. Weather conditions are obvious and knowledge about wind direction when games are played outdoors is also pivotal.

One way that you, the reader can take advantage of this discussion is to follow last minute line movements carefully. If you see a dramatic change like the one I just illustrated, circle it.

The faster you can gain access to the lines from the Major Sportsbooks in Vegas, the better off you are. Many bookmakers who give out lines do not change them, particularly local ones. Therefore, the best way to put this guy out of business is to wait until about 5 minutes before a particular game starts and make certain that you have an updated line from Vegas!!

Then, call up “The Man” and take advantage of your information by betting against his Bad line!!

As a rule, if the line that a bookmaker offers if off by 20 cents or more from one of the current lines in Vegas, I find this to be extremely favorable for the Bettor.

I Hope this is helpful and genuinely wish you the very best with your gambling endeavors. Remember, we are on the same side……


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