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The Keno game is played with a 80-numbered ticket and 20 balls whose function is the same as in a standard lottery. The player marks 2 to 9 spots on the ticket, selects the total amount of numbers to play, and is paid according to the numbers that roll out on the balls and the bet chosen.

A Brief History Of Keno

Chinese immigrants, who came to the US, and worked on the railroad in the Old West, brought Keno with them. This ancient Chinese game was apparentedly invented by Cheung Leung around 200 B.C. as a way to raise money for a war fund. The game was so successful that it apparently was also used to fund the building of the Great Wall.

The early versions of Keno used characters on the body of the ticket, rather than numbers 1 through 80. Those characters were the first eighty of a well known poem called “The Thousand Character Classic”, which was used to teach reading and writing to children.

The Goal of the Keno Game

This is much like playing the lottery. The goal is to choosing the winning number or numbers!

Playing the Game Of Keno

The typical version of Keno is similar to the lotto, except that numbered balls come out of the Keno goose. The most typical version of keno is race-horse keno. You receive a card with 80 squares numbered 1 to 80, arranged in rows of 10.

You may bet on any number or numbers, up to 15 numbers and you mark them on your card.

A clerk records your bets and you pay out your bets for each number.

The Keno numbers also appear on 80 ping-pong balls, which are tossed about in a clear plastic sphere, or spun around in a wire bird cage. As each ball is chosen, the winning number is shown electronically, on the keno boards throughout the casino.

Way keno ticket

Tickets marked with one number are straight keno tickets and. You can group different numbers to create multiple ways of winning.

Combination keno ticket

Here the groups of numbers are bet in several different ways.

Bets and Keno Payoffs

You can bet on one number at a time (one-spot ticket), several at a time, or in various combinations.

The odds with a five-spot ticket, are as follows:

– If three of the numbers picked by the player are called, the house pays off at 3-1.
– If four out of five numbers are picked, the house pays 26-1.
– If all five numbers are picked, the house pays 332-1.
– The actual odds are higher, and favor the house by 20 to 25%.

Minimum bets and payoffs differ in various casinos, so check before your bet! There are also multi-race keno games, which are multiple games on one keno ticket. You get a ticket, when you make your bet. Then 20 randomly drawn numbers are displayed on the keno boards. You should compare your ticket to the numbers to see if you won. Then, cash your ticket in before the next game begins.

Keno Strategy

Sorry, but this is like playing the lottery. Choose your numbers and pray, because there isn’t any strategy. Just enjoy the chance for the big payoffs.

Keno FAQ
1. Is Keno a fast game?

Not exactly. In casinos, Keno is generally a pretty slow game. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t a fun game. It’s a great way to take some time out from games that require a high skill level and quick process time or the deciphering of probabilities on the fly. Some people play Keno in between tables in order to relax a bit while still keeping their heads in the game. Video Keno is a little faster, as you do not have to wait between games.

2. Is Keno a game of skill?

Primarily, Keno is a game of luck. Think bingo. Learn Keno for more information on this topic.

3. Where can I play Keno?

The great thing about Keno is that it is played everywhere. You do not have to go to a casino in order to play. There are loads of online casino games. There are even some pizzerias and other small restaurants that offer keno, so don’t be surprised if you walk into your local pizza shop and notice some electronic bleeps and 3D balls bouncing onto a numbered grid.

4. Is Keno a high stakes game?

Another great Keno quality is the fact that you can wager as little as $1. True, you can also bet several thousands of dollars, but if you want to have some fun and don’t want to break the bank, then Keno just might be your game.


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