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League 1

French League 1 Betting
Ligue 1 is the league where highest level French football is played. The league that consists of 20 teams experiences very exciting games. A lot of punters follow French League and they always put Freach League bets on their coupons.
The dominant team in French Ligue 1 is Lyon for the last four seasons. Lyon succeded in being champion for 4 years successively and it is also the strongest candidate for championship this year with its distinctive points before its rivals.

Besides, another importance of this year for Lyon is that, if the team succeeds in being the champion, it will be the only team that got the championship for 5 years successively. If you go back before these successes of Lyon, you can see many different teams become champions. This is an important factor for French League bettings to attract a lot of attention all the time.

Even though, some of the teams dominate the league through some seasons, it is not so easy to predict which team is going to win before league starts by looking at it in general. For people, who do not know the history of French League very well, it may be surprising to hear that the team, which become the most frequent champion so far is Saint Etinne.

You can find betting options for Freanch League in all online bookmakers. At the same time, most of the major betting sites put French among language options. Alltough bookies do not offer many live bets for French League; you can still find live bet options for important games.


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