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Let it Ride Rules

Let it Ride Rules

Let it Ride is a very strategic poker game in terms of betting.  Its overall structure resembles that of video poker, in that the player does not compete against other players or the dealer.  It is a rather simple and straightforward game to learn, delivering a theoretical Casino Edge of approximately 3.7%.  For players who use the right strategy though, Let it Ride can deliver a large return in no time at all.

The object of the game is to achieve a five-card poker hand with at least a pair of 10’s.  To begin, all players must place three bets on the table marked in front of each seat position with a circled 1, 2 and $ sign. There is no exception to this rule.  Three chips must be wagered, which is determined on the stake size of the particular table. (Remember to factor this in when managing your bankroll – Although players can take two of these three bets back – which I will explain shortly – many of your wagers will end up being twice or three times as much as what you are used to betting)  Therefore, strongly consider starting off at games with smaller stakes until you become very familiar with the game.

Using a single 52-card deck, each player receives three hole cards from the dealer, who also places two facedown community cards at the center of the table. Players view their cards and are then faced with their first strategic decision – whether to take their Circle 1 bet back, or leave it on the table.  After all players have made this choice, the dealer will turn over one of the facedown community cards.  Again, the players have an option of taking back a bet – this time the Circle 2 bet.  Whether a player took back or left their Circle 1 bet on the table does not affect how they can play their Circle 2 bet.

The $ bet will always be played, insuring either the casino or player win something from the game.  After the all players have acted, the second and last community card will be revealed, and all players hands will be inspected for winners.  Remember, a pair of 10’s or higher qualifies.  Payouts are determined by the payout schedule, which considers the number of bets left on the table and the rank of the final hand.  The standard payout odds usually normally return 1:1 for a Pair (10 or higher), 2:1 for a Two Pair, 3:1 for a Trip, 5:1 for a Straight, 8:1 for a Flush, 11:1 for a Full House, 50:1 for a Four of a Kind, 200:1 for a Straight Flush and 1000:1 for a Royal Flush.

To give you an idea how good the return on Let it Ride poker can be, take the following example:

A player puts three $5 bets on the table, giving a total wager of $15.  The player receives a 10, and two 3’s, and decides to take back their Circle 1 bet, now leaving $10 on the table.  The first community card reveals a 3, insuring the player has won with a trip.  Consequently, the player leaves their Circle 2 bet on the table (they are guaranteed to win, which is the most advantageous part of the game), and wins a total of $30 at 3 to 1 odds.


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