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Limit Rules

There are three types of betting limit structures in poker; Limit or Fixed Limit, No Limit, and Pot Limit. Below I will explain the workings of each;

If all this sounds too complicated don’t worry as most online poker rooms will offer you your betting possibilities for that round.

Limit Poker Rules:
Limit otherwise known as Fixed-Limit Poker will specify two limit amounts, i.e. $0.25/$0.50 or $1/$2. The lower number of the two will be the limit size of every Bet / Call and Raise in the early betting rounds. The higher number of the two will be the limit size of every Bet / Call and Raise in the later betting rounds.

As an example if we were playing a $1/$2 Fixed Limit game of Texas Holdem, all players, in the earlier rounds may Bet / Call a minimum of $1 and if they wish to Raise they may bet a maximum of $2. Whilst in the last two rounds of betting a Bet / Call must be a minimum of $2 and can be Raised up to a maximum of $4.

No Limit Poker Rules
No Limit poker is one of the most exciting forms of poker where chips can be won and lost in a very short space of time. The rules of No Limit Poker are similar to that of Limit Poker except the size of the Bets/ Calls and Raises.

The minimum Bet / Call or Raise must be equal to the previous Bet / Call in that round. For example if Player A Bets $20 then Player B must Call $20 and Raise a minimum of $20 taking the total Bet to $40. However there is no maximum Bet….therefore No Limit. So you can Raise all you chips if you so desire, which is called Going All In.

Most No Limit online poker tables have a varying minimum Buy In to ensure all players can compete irrespective of whether their opponents chips vastly outnumber theirs.

Pot Limit Poker Rules
Pot Limit Poker differs in that the betting limit is governed by the size of the Pot and the posted bets on the table.

The minimum Bet and Raise in Pot Limit games must be equal to the previous Bet / Call or Raise in that round. As an example, if the Player A bets $10, then Player B must Call $10 and Raise a minimum of $10, bringing the total bet to $20.

The maximum Bet or Raise is defined by the total the Pot, which is made up of the Pot in the middle, plus all the Bets on the table, plus the minimum amount the active player must Call before Raising. As an example, if the Pot in the middle equals $20 and the Player A bets $15 and the next player, Player B, Calls $15. You would be able to Raise from anything between $15 to a maximum of $65, after calling Player B’s $15.

It is common that most Pot Limit tables have a Maximum Buy In. This again ensures that all players can compete regardless of their opponents amount of chips if its more than they have.


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