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NFL Draft

The NFL Draft is a much-awaited feature every year for football fans as well as people associated with the game on a professional level. The draft helps mobilize young talent in the game of football, particularly among teams constituting the National Football League (NFL). College Level football players, who show promise and special ability, are chosen every year. After the players are drafted, these candidates undergo special training and guidance to play football at a national level.

NFL Draft

NFL Draft is an annual feature pertaining to the National Football League, USA. It includes a list of football players from the collegiate level with talent and potential who will join the National Football League. The teams can actually pick and choose candidates from a vast talent pool of collegiate players. The draft is much awaited every year by both players and fans. It is a good indicator of upcoming and professional talent who can contribute to the NFL team victories. The first draft of this kind was instituted in 1936 and was formulated with the objective of promoting college level talent for NFL. The first top-notch player chosen by the draft method was Jay Berwanger, who was also the winner of the first Heismann trophy.

Some the number one NFL Draft picks in recent years include Peyton Manning – Quarter Back from University of Tennessee (1998), Tim Couch – Quarter Back from University Of Kentucky (1999), Courtney Brown – quarter back from Penn State University (2000), Michael Vick – Quarter Back from Virginia Tech (2001) and David Carr – Quarter Back from Fresno State University. Players who are listed in the draft every year exhibit potential and promise to win laurels for their respective football teams.

NFL Draft Order

The NFL Draft order every year is based on careful observations of players in college level competitions over the year. If the players are skilled and exhibit a talent and keen interest in the game, then they are chosen to the NFL Order. It is based on college level performances in football matches that the players are chosen. They are ranked in the NFL Draft according to their playing abilities and talents. Obviously a player ranked among the top ten is considered gifted with an outstanding potential to contribute to American Football. However it takes a lot of perseverance and hard work to find a place in the draft every year.

Only the candidates who exhibit superior performances and practice regularly are chosen while still in college. However such players are chosen only if they sign a written agreement to stop playing college-level football. They are expected to remain completely devoted and dedicated to playing football at the national level. Hence after being inducted into the draft, they are expected to undergo regular training to develop their talents and strategies to play in national level competitions. About 41 players are chosen every year and then are ranked in descending order according to their potential and abilities in the game of football.


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