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Ourasi was one of the finest trotters ever to look through a bridle. This European Champion, a winner of $2,913,314 and 58 victories during his career, was born in France in 1980 and was by the Frence trotting sire Greyhound F, out of the Remember F mare Fleurasie.

Ourasi is probably best remembered here in the United States for his great performance in the 1988 March of Dimes Trot at Garden State Park. It was to be a showdown between the American Mack Lobell and Ourasi–who was making his first trip to North America.   Mack Lobell captured the early lead while Ourasi endured a brutal three-wide trip, before engaging Mack at the half. Dueling head-to-head, fighting tooth and nail, Ourasi won the battle but lost the war to Sugarcane Hanover who swept by to win the race by a neck. Mack Lobell was third.

The handsome chestnut stallion was known as a character both on and off the racetrack throughout his career.  A rebellious horse, Ourasi had the individual quirk of always waiting until the last few seconds before beating his adversaries, hence his nickname of “the lazy king.”  His end-of-race speed-ups always sparked the crowd’s enthusiasm. He was absolutely imperial in his efforts.

“When he came out of the last bend, he would flatten down his ears and then no-one could catch him”, says Rachel Tessier, his first owner. “He flew like the Concorde taking off.

His caretaker, Oliver, said of Ourasi:  “There’s Ourasi, and then there’s other horses.”
 Ourasi winning the 1987 Prix d’Amerique at Vincennes

Ourasi captured Europe’s biggest trotting event, The Prix d’Amerique, four times, including three consecutive  efforts, winning the second of his three by over 18 lengths.

“He was always more in control than I was. Out of the pair of us, I felt like I was actually the horse and he the jockey,” said his regular driver Jean-René Gougeon.
 The great European Champion in his paddock, 2006

The only place Ourasi did not excel was in the breeding shed.  He now enjoys his retirement days happily at Gruchy stud farm in the Normandy region of France.

Ourasi’s Major Victories
1983: Critérium des Jeunes (France), Prix Kalmia (France)

1985: Prix de L’Etoile (France), Critérium des 5 ans (France), Prix Robert Auvray (France),
Prix Roederer (France), Prix d’Europe (France), Prix de Croix (France),
and the Prix de Bourbonnais (France).   Prix de Bretagne (Second, France).

1986:  Elite-Rennen (Germany), The Prix d’Amerique (France), The Prix de France (France), The Grand criterium de vitesse de la Cote d’Azur (France), Prix Rene Balliere (France), Prix de Bretagne (France), Prix du Bourbonnaise (France), Prix de Belgique (Belgium), Prix de Europe (France).

1987: Prix d’Amerique (France), Prix de France (France), Grand critérium de vitesse de la Côte d’Azur (France), Prix de Bourgogne (France), Prix de Belgique (Belgium), Grand Prix du Sud-Ouest (France).

1988: Prix d’Amerique (France), Prix de France (France), Grand critérium de vitesse de la Côte d’Azur (France), Prix René Ballière (France), Prix du Bourbonnais (France), Prix de Bourgogne (France), Prix de Belgique (Belgium) Prix de Washington (France), Prix d’Europe (France). March of Dimes Trot (Second, United States).

1989:  Grand critérium de vitesse de la Côte d’Azur (France), Prix de Paris (France), Prix de Bourgogne (France), Prix de Belgique (Belgium), Oslo Grand Prix (Norway).  Prix d’Amerique (Third, France).

1990:  Prix d’Amerique (France)


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