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Playing Keno Tickets

Whereas in online keno, using keno tickets is not so much a concern, and actually has no use in the online version of the game whatsoever, the standard version of keno found in land-based casinos, is dependent upon using – and as far as the player is concerned – understanding the different types of keno tickets.

Chances are that if you play online keno, you have played keno in a brick ‘n mortar casino at one time or another.  And even if you have never played keno before, when you find yourself becoming an avid online keno player, chances are you will yearn to play keno at a one-of-a-kind keno casino room – like the one’s in Las Vegas.  Keno gamblers are quite unique, joining together to form keno communities – gamblers who play keno for the love and fun of it, and contrary to what some gamblers say, a good chance at winning some money.  So, if you think you do not need to know about keno tickets, you may want to think again.

There are potentially five different versions of keno that you might find in a casino.  Aside from the straight ticket used in standard keno games, there is the 20-spot ticket, Top/Bottom Keno, multi-game keno, and the Way Ticket.

Straight Ticket – The simplest version of keno, a straight ticket lets players choose from one to fifteen numbers on a single ticket.  The more numbers selected, the greater the payout.

20 Spot Ticket – As the name implies, this ticket lets bettors pick up to twenty numbers.  Giving tremendous payouts for hitting more than fifteen numbers, 20-spot is just like a straight game but with more difficult odds of winning.

Top/Bottom Keno – Of the eighty numbers on a keno ticket, a top/bottom ticket lets players select either the top half of the ticket, or the bottom half.  If eleven or more numbers of either the top or bottom half of the ticket are hit, the payoff is 2 to 1 (normally).  Each extra hit over eleven numbers pays off increasingly more.  Some games payout if either more than twelve numbers, or less than eight numbers are hit.

Multi-game Keno – This keno game lets players use the same ticket for successive games in a row.  Depending on the casino, this can range from 2 to 1,000 consecutive keno games.  The multi-game ticket lets you keep playing the same exact numbers for each ball drawing.  At the end of your cards run, you can then collect your cash winnings.

Way Ticket – In a way ticket, players can combine multiple straight ticket wagers onto a single ticket.  For instance, if you want to play two separate five-spot tickets, you can mark all ten numbers on a single way ticket and circle the two five-spot groupings ( You can even use the same number for both groupings)  You are also permitted to combing the two groupings into a single ticket if you so choose.  In this example, a ten-spot ticket would be permitted.


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