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Regular Teaser Explained

There are many ways to make betting more interesting, and for me Teasers is one of them. They just give you that little extra advantage you need to push a bet over the winning edge. If you’re new at betting, or you’re just looking for something different than the usual straight bet you have always been partial to, this article is for you: a simple explanation of what a teaser is and how it works.

A teaser is a bet with a group of two or more picks just like a parlay. The difference is that in teasers you get to subtract points from the spread. There are many different types of teasers, and players with different profiles will have different rules. But just for the sake of a simpler explanation today we’ll be talking about the Regular Teasers’ house rules for post-up players. But you’ll always want to double check with your clerk to see what your restrictions and payouts are. Some good questions to ask are:

  1. How many points do my regular teasers offer in football? What about basketball?
  2. Up to how many picks can I take in a teaser?
  3. What happens with cancellations and ties? Will my teaser cancel, lose, win, or just turn into a smaller teaser with an adjusted payout?
  4. How much can I bet on regular teasers?

Teasers are exclusively for basketball and football (be that pro or collegiate). And while you can mix both sports in the same teaser the points subtracted will be different. So while in football you can take a 6-point, 6.5-point or 7-point teaser, in basketball it would be a 4, 4.5, or 5 point teaser. This works like this:

You would make a three-team regular teaser, 7 points in football, 5 points in basketball. This is done automatically, if you take a 7 pointer in football, it will be a 5 pointer in basketball. A 6.5 pointer in football will be a 4.5 pointer in basketball and a 6 pointer in football would be a 4 pointer in basketball. You can’t mix and match.

You can take a teaser with only teams-to-win, or combined with totals. It’s not unusual for players to take four-team teasers with both sides of the same game, accompanied with the over and under the teased total. Although it is more common in the larger Special Teasers (A clerk’s simple explanation on Special Teasers is coming soon).

Take a look at this comparison between a 3-team parlay and a 3-team teaser, notice how the lines and the payout differ:

3-team Parlay $100/600 3-team Regular Teaser $100/150
6.5 pts in football/4.5 pts in basketball
NFL Titans 11 -110
NFL Ravens Over 41 -110
NBA Nets -4.5 -110
NFL Titans 17.5
NFL Ravens Over 34.5
NBA Nets 2

Clearly, a parlay pays much more than a teaser. But here is where you have to decide as a player how big of a difference it would make to take the Titans 17.5 instead of 11. Sometimes, it just has to be done.

The next important factor to consider is the payout. In a teaser your payout will be affected by two factors:

    1. How many picks you’re taking. The bigger the teaser, the better the payout.
    2. How many points you’re taking. The more points subtracted from your picks, the less the teaser pays.

Look at the table below, notice the difference in payouts.

3-team regular teaser $100/170
6 pts in football/4 pts in basketball
3-team regular teaser $100/150
6.5 pts in football/4.5 pts in basketball
3-team regular teaser $100/130
7 pts in football/5 pts in basketball
Titans 17
Ravens Over 35
Nets 1.5
Titans 17.5
Ravens Over 34.5
Nets 2
Titans 18
Ravens Over 34
Nets 2.5

So remember, teasers are a good option when you need just a little extra points to win. And the trick is to balance how many points you want in your teaser with how many picks for a fair payout.


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