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Scottish Premier League

Scottish Premier League Betting Guide

Scottish Premier League bettingThe Scottish Premier League is the highest ranked football league in Scotland. Also known as the SPL or Premier League, the Scottish Premier League attracts the highest per-capita attendances in Europe and is rated the 10th strongest football team in Europe by UEFA.

The Scottish Premier League is one of the smaller league tournaments in Europe, with only 12 clubs competing for the league title. This means that the league follows a slightly different format to other major football leagues, with clubs playing each other three times during the course of a season.

Once all participating clubs have played each other three times the league splits in two, with clubs participating in five additional fixtures against the other clubs in their group. The two highest ranked clubs at the conclusion of the season qualify for the UEFA Champions League, while the bottom ranked club is relegated to the Scottish Football League.

Scottish Premier League Betting

The Scottish Premier League attracts extensive betting coverage from bookmakers in the United Kingdom due to the league’s large fan base. All league matches receive good coverage, with dozens of additional live betting opportunities available from live betting specialists like Sportingbet.

Outright winner bets on either Celtic or Rangers are an excellent Scottish Premier League betting option. With the last 10 Scottish Premier League titles going to either one or the other of these two clubs, each way bets on the Old Firm must be amongst the safest in football.

Scottish Premier League History

The Scottish First Division was established in 1890 at a time when football in Scotland was still strictly amateur. By the turn of the century football in Scotland had turned professional, and the Scottish First Division frequently had to stave off competition by rival leagues.

The Scottish First Division was first re-branded in 1986 when the number of participating clubs was increased to 12 for the first time. The number of clubs competing in the league oscillated between 12 and 10 until 2000, when the league was renamed the Scottish Premier League and the number of league members was fixed at 12.

Scottish Premier League Winners

The Scottish Premier League has been dominated by Glasgow Rangers and Celtic. These two clubs have finished the season either first or second in the league every year for the past decade, with the exception of the 2005/2006 season when Hearts finished the Scottish Premier League second behind Celtic.


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