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Secrets To Omaha 8 Or Better

Omaha High Low is one of the most popular and exciting online poker games around. However many myths of how to win are written by cheap players in cheap books. Here we set out the A to Z of Omaha High Low for free, according to the Online Poker Scout.

It might seem obvious but having a solid starting hand can be the difference between wining and losing. Starting with out and at the very minimum a four way hand is going to reduce your odds drastically. Your objective when you play a hand should always be to win the entire pot and this is more likely to happen with a four, five or better six way hand. It is common to see players online raise on a pre flop with just an A2 and unsuited at that. When the flop hits two cards to a low often they will proceed to re- raise aiming to complete a low hand which even if possible is unlikely to help them scoop the pot at the end. They will irrespectively continue to call and / or raise through the River.

After your starting hand the Flop becomes the most important decision a player can make in Omaha eight-or-better. Careful coordination between the Flop and your sarting hand should be paramount. Again any poker star will tell you its about playing sensibly. Unfortunately for them most poker players account for the most optimistic people in the world. For most mucking a great starting hand despite a missed flop is impossible but I trust me good decisions create good results.

Now with general play out the way here is some priceless adivce on Omaha High Low hands;

  • At $10-$20 or lower Omaha eight-or-better following the flop you should by rule of thumb draw only multiple quality draws or to the nuts
  • If you’re holding A-2-K-Q in your hand things might look positive if the flop is 6-5-4, but if you think an opponent also has an A-2 in his hand all you can hope for is that there are three others also in the pot to get your money back. Don’t do it!
  • An ace is a key card in Omaha eight-or-better. Following that is a deuce. Whilst nines, eights, and sevens appear most frequently in losing hands.
  • In a late position despite being able to play more hands 3-2, middle cards like 9-8-7 aren’t good whilst something like A-3 is generally always playable.
  • Whilst on the river if holding a nut low you can usually raise when four handed but generally call if threehanded.
  • An obvious but simple rule is all the key action takes place prior to the river in Omaha Eight or Better. Build the pot if your doing well before the river and cut your losses if not.
  • When on the button in Omaha Eight or Better always raise or release but never call.
  • Most times you will be dealt a suited or even double suited hand and so will the rest of the table. This is almost a cert to win at the least the high end of a pot.
  • If you find yourself in an early position of strength in a multiway pot ensure you bet as most opponents with see the flop and river finding any excuse to call. If you see a player bet to a raiser don’t dare call unless you have a great flop fit.
  • 6-5-4-3 has always been regarded by most poker players as a great starting hand but has been proven in practice to be infact one of the worst.
  • Its worth remembering that despite the belief that Omaha eight or better ia a game of drawouts over three quarters of your hand is known to the table on the flop.
  • Don’t play stranded pairs like KK84 stick to hands like KK23, or KKQQ for better play.
  • Don’t overestimate the value of A2, AA, but play big connecting cards as they can get you out of trouble later on.


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