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Serie A

Italy Serie A Betting
Perhaps there is no one, who plays football betting and do not make room to Italy Serie A bets on their coupons. For some people Italy Serie A is the highest quality of Europe. The greatest reason for that is the fact that Italian teams such as Milan, Juventus and Inter do not only succeed in national league but also in European Cups. Italy Serie A games that have so many star football players are broadcasted live in many countries. Every year, Italian teams increase the interest in the league by signing flash transfers.

Teams that come into mind first in Italy Serie A are Juventus, Milan and Inter. These teams are the most frequent champions of Serie A as well. Juventus makes a distinction with 28 championships. By getting 3 championships in the last four years, Juventus made the difference between itself and its rivals even more. Milan has 17 championships, last one being in 2003-2004 season. The other team of the city Milan is Inter Milan with 13 championships. The last season Inter Milan became champion was 1988-89. These are usually the favourite teams of Italy Serie A betting.
Serie A league is famous with its derby games. The most important one of them is the Milan derby. A great competition is experienced in these games between the two strongest teams of the city: A C Milan and Inter Milan. Another important derby is played between the two teams of Rome: Lazio and AS Roma. You can find live betting options in betting sites for those games. Besides, you can find many live bet options every week for Italy Serie A betting.


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