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Slots are some of the most popular online casino games in the world. Playing slots for real money is fun and exciting. Not only can you play realistic slot machines online for money, you can switch machines without ever having to move! For the best online slots for real money, play at reputable online casinos recommended here.

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Slot machines (also known as “one-armed bandits”) are thrilling games that line the halls of casinos around the world. On land, on sea and online, slot machines make it easy for any player to have fun!

The Goal of the Slots Game:

In this game it is you and the slot machine (virtual or real)! The goal of this easy game is to get the icons (strawberries, numbers etc.) to be aligned on the payline in one of the winning combinations listed on the pay table.

Playing online slots:

You place your bet according to the machine. Usually, you can bet one, two or three coins, while some machines allow up to five or more coins. The value of the coins may be $.25, $1, $5, or a range in between. For example, if you bet 3 coins on a $5 machine, your bet is $15.

In a virtual casino, you click a button to start the wheels spinning, just as you would pull the arm on a real slot machine. Then you take a deep breath and wait to see if you win!

Once the wheels stop, check to see if you won and how much. Each game has a pay table to help you determine your winnings. For example, three bars in a row may pay 10 to 1. Three strawberries in a row may pay 3 to 1. Some slot machines may pay on the diagonal or have three or five paylines. Check each casino for their particular rules.

Progressive Jackpots

An exciting aspect of slots is the possibility of the jackpot growing as more players play the casino’s progressive machines. You could be the first person to hit the winning combination (often 777)! Usually, you have to play the maximum number of coins to be eligible for the jackpot. After the lucky winner hits the progressive jackpot, it resets to a lower value and starts to grow again as more people play.

Easy Slots Strategies

Play the maximum number of coins and you will usually have the best chance of winning! For example, the jackpot may pay 2000 coins with 2 coins played, but 4500 when 3 coins are played. So, if you don’t want to play expensive coins, try using a lower value machine, but play the maximum number of coins.

The Odds Of Winning

Both online slot games and hotel casino slot machines pay out according to computer programs that determine the result of each spin of the wheels. The casinos decide on the payout they want the slot machines (real or virtual) to generate. For example, if they set the machines to 95%, for every 100 dollars bet, the machine will pay out 95 dollars, on average. The remaining 5 dollars is the casino’s profit.

The odds for every spin are the same, as the winnings are random. So, even if the slot machine just paid out a big win, you can still win on the next spin. Part of the excitement of the game is that you can’t predict who will hit the jackpot and when! Believe it or not, The odds at playing slots are similar to those for roulette. So spin the wheels and try your luck.

Slots FAQ
1. Where can I find loose slots?

We’d all like to know, wouldn’t we! Some people say the loosest slots can be found at the end of the aisles. Others will tell you based on where and how frequently they have won themselves. Keep in mind that even if you do find a loose machine, the payoffs from those slots might be less. Casinos aren’t stupid. Also, it is commonly known that loose slots are placed at a distance from the table.

2. Which machines have the best payouts?

Find the most generous casino owner and the highest legal minimum and you just might find a pot of gold.

3. How do I know when to play?

Some people talk about “pay” and “take” cycles? There is no way to be exactly sure whether they exist or not. A better way to think about it is that there are pockets of pay time within larger periods of take time, and vice versa. Identify when those pockets occur and you’re golden.

4. How do you suggest I think about playing slots?

This applies, or should apply to any game you play. You want to have fun and you also want to be smart. So, before attacking those one-armed bandits, set a cash loss limit for yourself.

Some people have trouble setting limits for themselves. To help yourself -if you’re as human as the rest of us – decide, and stick to your decision. Always remember if you stick to your limit, you’ll probably find another chance to go play. Can’t necessarily say that if you reach further than your arms can stretch.

5. What is the coin counter for?

The counter tells you how much you have entered into a machine. Drop in a roll of coins and then read the counter to see how it works. With a keen knowledge of statistical odds, some talented slots players successfully use the counter to their own benefit. Pretty neat, eh?


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