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Super Cup

Super Cup Betting
Super Cup is among the most important organizations of UEFA. The objective of Super Cup, which is finalized with one game unlike other cups organized by UEFA, is to confront the team that won the Champions League with the one that won UEFA Cup. For that reason, you can lay your bets on Super cup only for that single game.

The final game between two teams that had the best condition throughout the season gives a lot of excitement to football fans. Super cup bets enable punters to lay their bets on an exclusive game at the end of August.
The cup is played upon a single game since 1998. At the same time, Stade Louis 2 in Monaco has been hosting the cup since 1998. According to the agreement done, the cup will be played at that stadium until 2008.

You can find a lot of live betting options in betting sites for Super Cup, as the cup games are broadcasted live in many countries. We would like to remind the ones, who want to lay a bet on Super Cup games that the winner of the cup has never been determined by penalty kicks. The cup found its holder by the golden goal just once. UEFA Cup winner Galatasaray won the cup with Jardel’s golden goal against Spanish Real Madrid. Super Cup has been held since 1974. Ajax from Netherlands was the first team who brought the first cup to their museum. The team who won the cup for the most time till now is Milan. Milan showed the success of winning the cup for four times, the one 2003 being the last.


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