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The best tennis gambling sites are sports betting sites that prioritize a number of features important to tennis bettors, such as lucrative bonuses, a range of customer support options, multiple wagering types, high quality software, reliable real money banking methods and more. At the best tennis betting sites online, you’ll also find player guides, frequently updated statistics sheets, wagering guidelines and more. These types of resources allow you to place smart, informed bets at the best tennis gambling sites.



Tennis bets are among the sports bettings that increase their popularity very fast. Tennis season lasts for a long period of time. The season proceeds between January and November. You can find many betting options during this period.

Tennis betting is among betting types of two possibilities. As there is no draw option, you try to predict which tennis player is going to win. A lot of surprises may happen since tennis is a game based on a single player except for team games. Favourite tennis players may loose a game that seems very easy due to their lack of physical condition for one day that the game is played or due to their disability. Therefore, we advise you not to invest a lot of money on the games played between favourite tennis players where betting rates are very low.

You need to follow the tournaments closely; examine the results of previous games of tennis players that confronted before and check on their performances in the world ranking in order to be successful in tennis bettings.

The most favourite tournaments for tennis betting are Grand Slam tournaments. There are 4 Grand Slam tournaments held every year. These are: Avustralia Open Tennis Tournament held in January; Roland Garros held in France in May; Wimbledon held in England in June and US open that is held in New York in August.

Tennis is one of the sport types on which the greatest numbers of live bet options are offered by betting sites. Especially during Grand Slam Tournaments, you can find live bet options for all important games.



As opposed to most types of online sports gambling, where the odds are quite similar at most online betting sites, in the case of tennis, picking the right tennis betting sites is particularly important. Most tennis bettors recommend being active on more than one sports betting site, in order to always be prepared to find the best available tennis bets.

Wagering Options At Tennis Betting Sites

The best tennis gambling sites provide sports bettors with a variety of wagering options, including straight bets, if bets, pleasers, teasers, props, head-to-head bets and parlays. Many high quality tennis betting sites also allow futures bets, which you can use for wagering on major upcoming tennis events such as the French Open, Australian Open, US Open and Wimbledon.  Popular types of tennis bets and wagers include:

  • Match Betting – the classic bet where the bettor picks which player will win the match or tournament, moneyline tennis bet.
  • Set Betting – tennis set bets are a prediction bet on how many sets each players will win during the course of a tennis match.
  • Parlay – combining multiple bets, picking more than one player, or team, each to win their games.
  • Props – bets are made not on the result of the game but on certain characteristics like player/team with most aces, first point score, winner of the first set.
  • Futures – bets are placed for entire events, not just one match, for example predicting tournament winners.

It is most popular to wager on major tennis events – big tournaments have more media coverage, therefore information on which one can base a tennis bet is more easily available. Also, professional tennis players participating in major events are more famous and draw a lot more attention, so more information can be found and read about them at tennis websites compared to smaller events where lower-ranked but maybe more unpredictable tennis players can be involved and less overall information is available.

Software At Tennis Sports Betting Sites

The best tennis gambling sites allow for sports betting directly in your web browser as opposed to a downloadable application. In this way, you’ll be able to place tennis wagers for real money using any operating system, as well as computers that do not allow for downloads or that have limited hard drive space. To ensure the best performance of graphics, features and animations, download the latest version of your preferred web browser and install plugins such as Flash and Java.

The best tennis betting sites also offer unique software features, such as live tennis video feeds, to registered members with a broadband Internet connection. This will allow you to enjoy a tennis match in real time and facilitate the use of lucrative proposition bets as the match progresses.

If you’d like to bet on tennis on the go, it’s advisable to seek tennis gambling sites with mobile betting software for devices such as Android, Blackberry and iPhone. Many of the best tennis betting sites offer mobile betting software in both downloadable and instant play versions.

Bonuses And Promotions At Tennis Betting Sites

Most tennis betting sites offer bonuses and promotions, though the value of bonuses can vary greatly from one site to another. Look for tennis betting sites with large initial deposit bonuses, such as 100% up to $100 or more. Many tennis betting sites also offer free bets for new players, ideally valued at $25 or greater. If you plan to do a significant amount of wagering, it’s also wise to seek tennis betting sites that offer gambling insurance, as this will mitigate a certain portion of your losses and return them to your bankroll.

Refer a Friend bonuses, which allow you to receive a reward in exchange for convincing a friend to sign up and make a deposit at your chosen tennis gambling site, are also valuable.

Custer Support Methods At Tennis Wagering Sites

The most reputable tennis sports gambling websites offer several customer support methods free of charge, 24/7. Some of the most popular customer support methods include live chat, toll-free phone, email and fax. Many high quality tennis gambling sites also offer extensive FAQ sections, which answer the more common questions posed by tennis bettors new to tennis gambling sites.

Tennis Betting Websites Banking Methods

When seeking real money tennis gambling sites, ensure that the site accepts multiple deposit and withdrawal methods available in your country. E-wallets, credit cards and bank transfers should be supported.

Real Money Online Tennis Betting Tips

Unlike other sports, tennis is played on more than one type of surface which can have a strong influence on the game, professional tennis gamblers pay close attention to the surface type during each match and a tennis players strengths and weaknesses on various surfaces. For years Roger Federer was the number 1 player in the male tennis ranks and yet constantly lost games played on clay (despite winning everything else). Before choosing to bet on a certain player, punters need to make sure that the player can handle the surface that he’s playing on.

Despite finding a good line, it’s very important to check the latest news at tennis websites for any player before deciding which player to place a tennis bet on. Anything can happen at professional tennis tournament – good players get knocked out of tournaments in the qualifying stages and it has happened that players on wild cards (who don’t have the qualifications to participate) end up winning Grand Slam tournaments. Simply being number 1 in the ranks does not guarantee the player is going through a good time in his career or that he will win every match thrown his way.

Other factors that need to be taken into consideration when making online tennis bets include the length of recently played games (even if they were won) and the history of the two players that are being matched up. Sometimes a lower-ranked player wins because his style is simply blocking the higher-ranked player’s advantages.

Just like every other type of sports bet, betting on tennis needs to be made based on an established system. It’s important for the bettor to study the odds and compare them with the actual chances of a player winning.

In the early rounds of tennis tournaments, odds against new or lower-ranked players are quite high, which can make up for large winnings – which leads to a larger profit margin compared to the later stages.


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