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Three Way Line

Soccer has grown more and more popular in the western gambling world in the recent years. It was always a favorite in Europe, but once Asia caught on it became a worldwide favorite. And now with the 2014 World Cup around the corner, interest has peaked. Soccer has several different types of lines you can go for: the goal line, which works just as a baseball runline or hockey puckline does, giving or taking away points to even out the difference between favorite and underdog. There’s also the total where you bet the final score going over or staying under a particular number, just as you would in other sports. And then there’s the two that are exclusively associated with this sport: the Asian Handicap Line and the Three-Way Line. With the Asian Handicap Line you split your bet in two and take two slightly different lines . But today let’s focus on the Three-Way Line.

It looks very much like a moneyline and is constantly being confused with one. But there’s one very big difference: ties lose. When you take a moneyline, you bet a team to win outright, no matter what the final score is. If both teams were to tie, your bet would be considered a draw and you would get your money back. With the Three-Way Line, if you take one of the teams and the game ends in a tie, you would lose your bet. This is because the Three-Way Line offers three lines as its name suggests, instead of the usual two as with the moneyline. You will have the choice of taking the favorite, the underdog or the draw.

A typical Three-Way Line will look like this online:

Manchester City 230
Chelsea FC 125
Draw 220

Notice none of these lines are negative. This is because by adding a third possibility into the mix, the odds of the favorite winning (for gambling purposes) have diminished. So although Chelsea FC is the favorite, it’s 125. For you to see a negative “moneyline” on this type of line it would have to be a big favorite and would look something like this:

UD Almeria 540
Real Sociedad -190
Draw 300

Real Sociedad -190 doesn’t seem as such a big favorite, but look at how the underdog and the draw flew upward on the positive line: 540 and 300. With a moneyline, an underdog of 300 would mean a favorite of about -350 give or take.

Now you know how a Three-Way Line looks online, but how would a clerk read it to you? When you call asking for a soccer line you must remember not to ask for a moneyline. A clerk might simply tell you we don’t offer moneylines for soccer. What you want to ask for is the Three-Way Line. The clerk will then read the favorite team first (even if it is a positive line), then the dog and lastly the draw line.

Using the first example, it would sound something like this:
“Chelsea FC plus one-twenty-five, Manchester City plus two-thirty and the draw plus two-twenty.”

If the clerk does not say plus before the first line, it’s probably a negative favorite, like the one in the second example. In that case it would sound something like this:

“Real Sociedad ninety, UD Alameda plus five-forty and the draw plus three-hundred.”


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