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UEFA Cup Betting
Subsequent to Champions League, UEFA Cup is the second most important organization that is played between the clubs in Europe. UEFA Cup bets provide betting opportunities for betting fans on important games throughout the football season during weekdays. High ranking teams in the leagues according to their country points; teams that succeeded in getting the national cup in their countries and teams that become successful in Inter Toto Cup qualify to play the UEFA Cup.
Particularly, after the status of UEFA Cup was changed and group games started to be played, punters began to pay more attention on UEFA Cup betting.

UEFA Cup Pre-qualifying Tournaments:
As a great number of teams qualify to play the UEFA Cup, teams that do not have enough country points and team points required to qualify to partake in groups directly and play 3 qualifying tours. Through pre-qualifying games, punters get a chance to lay their bets on UEFA Cup games from mid July on. Since teams that are not often seen partake in qualifying games, it is quite difficult to predict the game results. Punters that track the country leagues in depth can make important profits in UEFA Cup bettings from pre-determination tournaments on. Pre-determination tournaments are finalized with the 3rd tournament played at the end of September.

UEFA Cup Groups:
UEFA Cup format was changed in 2004/2005 season and group games are started to be played. Hence, more games are played and the attention paid on UEFA Cup betting increased. Group games are played in 8 groups of 5 teams each. Each team will play only one game against other teams and the place of the game is determined by a draw. As each group consist of 5 teams, one group does not play a game every week and it passes the week by. Group games give an opportunity for betting fans to get to know the teams. Teams that have the first two ranking in their groups qualify to play the next tournament.

Teams from Champions League:
Teams that are on the 3rd rank in Champions League group games join UEFA Cup following the group games. Every now and then even very strong teams are eliminated from Champions League and they qualified to join the UEFA Cup. Therefore, we advise you to wait until teams from the Champions League are determined if you want to lay your bets on long term UEFA Cup options to find out which team is going to win.

UEFA Cup Qualifying Tournaments:
Teams that succeed in group games compete with teams from Champions League. 32 teams play 2 game-elimination torunament (double-elimination) with a terrific struggle.
The most exciting part of the UEFA Cup bettings is these elimination tournaments. Since punter get information about teams following these games played, they become able to make decisions on who to support more easily. All games are played in this format until the final game.

UEFA Cup Final:
The most successful two teams qualify to play UEFA Cup final game subsequent to these stringent eliminations. UEFA Cup betting is concluded with the final game.


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