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Video Poker Machines Tips

Tips and Strategy for Video Poker Machines

Seriously, the professionals dont mess with machines that pay anything less than what we prescribed in the preceding section. If you just want to have fun and are willing to let the chips fall where they may, play any machine—but do yourself a favor and use Stanfords video poker strategies to make your playing decisions. They present the most profitable way to play each hand based on the type of machine and the level of the jackpot. (We have chosen to include strategies for the 8/5 and 6/5 machines because they are the ones that you are most likely to find.)

You can use the strategy presented in table below with any 8/5 machine.

Strategy for 8/5 Video Poker Machines

6/5 Machine Strategy

Whenever you get the opportunity to play an 8/5 or 9/6 machine versus a 6/5 machine take it! But, if you have limited choices and still want to play, weve included a strategy to table below that works for the 6/5 payout schedule. Remember, play for the biggest progressive jackpots and load em up!

Strategy for 6/5 Video Poker Machines

Using the Strategy for 8/5 and 6/5 Video Poker Machines

Use the video poker strategy presented in table for 8/5 machines and the strategy presented in table for 6/5 machines. To use either strategy table, first look at your hand and figure out what you have. Then, take the highest potential of the cards you and find that listing on the chart. For example, if you have three same-suit cards potential straight flush (SF) and a pair of high cards (such as 4-5-6-J-J where the 4-5-7 all the same suit), first look for the three-card SF on the chart, then look for the Notice that the high pair is listed higher, so it outranks the possible SF. That mean you should hold the high pair and draw three cards because it has a higher average expected win than holding the card possible SF.

If you cant find anything from your hand on then draw five cards. For example, with 3-4-6-7-5 assorted suits, your best play is to draw five cards.

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Many casinos hold regular video poker tournaments. For those who enjoy playing (beginners included!) its a good opportunity to practice the basic strategy, have a good time, and win some big tournament bucks. Entry fees are usually lower than you might spend playing max coins for an hour.

More Insider Information

Some simple basic truths about video poker strategy arent included on the cause theyre generally taken for granted. So that you can now embed them in and take them for granted yourself, here they are:

When the term draw is used on the strategy tables, it means hold the cards described in that row, and discard the other cards so that you can be dealt, or draw, new cards. Hopefully, the new cards will combine with the held cards to make a winning hand.

Never draw to four of an inside straight, unless its an ace-high straight. (That means, dont hold four cards of a straight if only one rank will complete the straight.) One example of an inside straight is 8-7-5-4. Another example is 5-4-2-A. A draw to an outside or two-way straight is twice as likely to be successful.

Dont draw to three of a straight except for K Q-J. (Dont hold three high cards of assorted ranks and suits unless the three cards are K-Q-J.) When you hold K-Q-J you have two possible straights, ace-high and king-high. If you draw to A-K-Q A-K-J, or A-Q-J, you can make only one possible straight. The difference is enough to justify discarding the ace, if you have one, whenever you start with three high cards of assorted ranks and suits.

Never hold a kicker with any pair or with three of a kind. A kicker is a single high card (not including the 10) that has the potential to turn into a winning pair. Of course you should hold the pair and draw three new cards, or hold the three of a kind and draw two new cards. You are advised to hold a lonesome high card when that is the best you can do with your hand.

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There are video poker game pro¬grams available that you can use to practice basic strategy on your home computer.

Dont draw to three of a flush, unless it is a potential straight flush.

All You Need To Know About Video Poker Machines

  • The only way to truly beat a video poker machine is to hit a high-paying royal flush. To do that you need longevity (the ability to play longer on less money), which you can get by playing 9/6 and 8/5 machines.
  • When playing a machine with a large progressive jackpot, always play MAX coins.
  • When confronted with the choice between two different progressive jackpots (on the same type of machine) ALWAYS play the machine(s) with the bigger jackpot.
  • Never hold a kicker (a single high card that has the potential to turn into a pair) unless you are drawing four cards.
  • Dont draw to an inside straight unless its an ace-high straight.
  • If you dont find any holding from your hand on the chart, draw five cards.


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