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What Is Disc Golf?

Disc Golf is a relatively new sport. The following is an excerpt from the faq of the USENET group and explains what disc golf is.

Disc golf is a great sport for everybody that relies on one’s ability to throw a disc with power and accuracy. People of any age, ability, and gender can excel and enjoy disc golf immensely.

The object of the game is to traverse a course from beginning to end in the fewest total number of throws of a golf disc. Similar to the traditional golf game, a course is composed of a number of holes, in which each player begins by throwing from the tee, and completes the hole by landing in or striking the target.

The total score for a course is determined by totaling the number of throws made on each hole. The winner is the player who completes the course in the fewest number of throws…or whoever has the most fun!

Disc golf courses exist in many different terrains. Often they are laid out among wooden areas, with water hazards, large elevation changes, and difficult throws. Other courses are

mostly flat, with few natural obstacles. The obstacles should be considered part of the course, and not tampered with (even when a tree eats your disc!)

The average course is 18 holes, but 9 hole and 27 hole courses exist as well. The average hole is around 425 ft (130m), but some are as short as 150 ft (45m) or as long as 1000 ft (300m). Courses usually have a listed par, for pro or amateur players. Of course, people practice disc golf all the time by just aiming for an object a hundred yards away, which is the kind of disc golf one will often see being played on university campuses or urban parks.


Tee – this the area where the player starts each hole. Some courses have multiple tees for each hole. The material on the tee surface varies from concrete, asphalt, dirt, crushed stone, or wood chips. In general, any flat non-slippery surface is good.

Target – The target is where the disc must land in in order to complete the hole. The target is usually a “pole hole” which is specially made to catch the golf disc. Courses that do not use pole holes are usually known as object courses. A typical “object target” is a tree trunk, 4×4 or pipe.

Golf disc – a “golf disc” is a flying disc made especially for the sport of disc golf, although some players use Wham-O type frisbees. Golf discs vary in weight and size. They are usually harder and denser than Wham-O type frisbees. Special models exist for driving, putting and “up shots” (not as far as a drive, but more than a putt) much like different golf clubs exist in ball golf. However, players are not required to use a “driver” as a driver or a “putter” as a putter. Some players throw a putter as their first shot from the tee. A golf disc generally costs anywhere from US $5-7, depending on how many are bought.

A professional PDGA tour exists, currently has about 5000-7000 active members, some of whom play on a professional level for money, and some play on a amateur level for non cash prizes. The top money winner, in 1995 won just under $20,000. (That would be Ken Klimo of Clearwater, FL)

And one last unwritten policy… If you ever find a disc on a course and it has someones name and/or telephone number written on it. Please try to find that individual and return their disc to them.


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