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Betting the WNBA

Sports bettors are always on the lookout for another opportunity to place a wager and a number of them have been turning to the WNBA the past few years. The WNBA does have several things going for it, at least from a betting standpoint.
For starters, there’s only 13 teams in the league, which makes keeping track of the teams a bit easier than the NBA.

With so few teams in the league, there are a number of games played against each other, giving bettors the opportunity to check match-ups, revenge games and look-ahead contests.

Most sportsbooks will allow side and total wagering on the WNBA, although some do not allow parlays or teasers.

Can It Be Beat?

The key question sports bettors should be asking is if the WNBA can be beat. The answer, at least based on the past few seasons, would have to be yes.
The easiest way to check if a sport can be beat by sharp bettors is simply to check the betting limits allowed by sportsbooks. The more a sportsbook considers a sport beatable, the lower the betting limits will be. That’s why the largest wagers are allowed on the NFL and some of the smaller limits are in college basketball totals.

Follow The Money

There are several handicappers out there who put a lot of time into researching the WNBA. Probably the most popular of these is Edward Golden of Right Angle Sports. Golden’s Hoopsedge sports service posted a 50-29 record its first season and started off the 2009 season by winning its first six selections.
Naturally, Golden’s selections move the line, just as his college totals do, and even after the line moves, have still won.

There have been other games that have seen significant line movement, other than those games released by Golden, and they have fared pretty well.

Bettors following the big line moves should expect to win somewhere around 55- to 56-percent of their wagers over the long haul, which is nothing to scoff at. It will show a long-term profit.

If bettors can mange to put in a bit of time handicapping the WNBA themselves, they can probably maintain that winning percentage only with more plays, which will ultimately lead to bigger profits.


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