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World Cup

World Cup Betting
World Cup is the most exclusive organization where international football is played at its highest level and it is organized by FIFA once every four years. Successful teams qualify to play the World Cup after a long elimination period held all around the world. World Cup betting give the opportunity to punters to lay their wagers on football betting in the summer time. As national league games are already over in the months when World Cup is held, football betting revive with Worl Cup betting.

World Cup Qualifications:
In fact, World Cup betting start way before the cup is started to be played. Firstly, elimination groups are played in all continents to find out which teams will be participating to the World Cup. Teams in each group hold two matches against each other, one match at home and an away game. After group games are played, teams that are successful according to the continent quota qualify to play the World Cup. Online Bookmakers offer betting options for all group matches.

World Cup Ballot:
After determining the successful teams through elimination matches played in all continents, Cup ballot is held. As group matches are played first, groups are determined and opening game is announced. Opening game is always played between the host country and one rival team from its group. After groups are determined, betting sites begin to offer long term betting options on cup winner and group matches. Usually, you can find betting options on teams that will take the first two ranks in their groups.

World Cup Group Stage:
Group matches are played in 8 groups with 4 teams each. Each team confronts the other once and its rank in the group becomes definite after a total of 3 matches are played. Teams that rank in the first and second place qualify to partake in the next tour. And all matches after that are played according to one match elimination rule. Especially in these elimination matches a number of surprises are experienced. The most enjoyable matches of the World Cup are these elimination matches. You can gain a lot by predicting a surprise.

World Cup Live Betting:
Online Bookmakers offer live betting options for every game as World Cup games are broadcasted live on television channels. Meanwhile, you can find a lot of different betting options for World Cup betting due to the great attention paid by punters. There are interesting betting options among them such as first corner kick bets; first yellow card bets; first goalscorer bets.