What is an accumulator bet

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What is an accumulator bet 

It’s easy to just come to a website like ours and use our accumulator calculator, but it’s always good to get an understanding of the bets you are placing. Here we’ll tell you all you need to know and then leave it up to you if you still want to use our accumulator calculator or calculate the bets yourself.

An accumulator, known as a parlay in North America, is a bet with more than one selection. A pay-out is dependent on all selections winning. An accumulator is a generic term and refers to any number of selections (unlike a double or a treble bet which are types of accumulators that specifies the number of selections, two and three respectively), where the winnings from each selection is rolled over and bet on the next selection. In betting shops throughout the UK you will hear accumulators referred to as acca’s, which is a slang name given to this type of bet. Accumulators’ and multiples are extremely popular as they give punters the opportunity to win large amounts for relatively small stakes.

Accumulator calculations 

The maths used to calculate accumulators of any size is pretty simple. All that needs to be done is multiply all the decimal odds together and then multiple this by the stake bet.

(Odds1 x Odds2 x Odds3 x …… x Oddsn) x stake = winnings

Where n is equal to the number of selections in the accumulator.

An example of how Accumulator calculator works

Having a calculator is always going to help when it comes to calculating massive accumulators but as long as you have a decent level of competence in multiplication you’ll find that for simple win only bets one isn’t necessary.

For this example we are going to work out a five-fold accumulator. To keep it simple we are going to say all five selections have odds of 5.0 and the stake is £10. Using the equation from the calculations section above we can see we need to multiple all the decimal odds together followed by multiplying this value with the stake.

(5 x 5 x 5 x 5 x 5) x 10 = 31,250

As you can see, this is why punters love multiples. The potential returns from a bet with only a small stake is very attractive. A total return of £31,250 for only a £10 stake is going to please the grumpiest of gambler. Now you’ve see the maths behind accumulators, feel free do add these bets into the accumulator calculator and see it in action.

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