Alphabet Bet

Alphabet Bet

On this page we have put together detailed instructions for an alphabet bet. This system bet is particularly popular in the UK, but is less well known in Germany. Reason enough for us to familiarize you with the idiosyncrasies and how it works. We will explain the secrets of the alphabet system step by step with many examples in the next sections. So you too become an expert and can profitably use the advantages of this betting method.

What is an alphabet bet?

The first thing to answer is the question of all questions: What is an alphabet bet? Well, it’s an interesting mix of two patent systems, a Yankee and a combination of all the games . The system bet consists of a total of six games. However, not all betting sites already offer you a finished alphabet system. In such cases it is necessary to build it yourself. With our information in the next chapters, however, this is not a major hurdle.

compositionSelected games (1-6)Series of bets
1st patent1, 2, 37
2nd patent4, 5, 67
Yankee2, 3, 4, 511
Station wagon1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 61

As can be seen from the table above , the Alphabet system bet consists of a total of 26 betting series . This corresponds exactly to the number of letters in the alphabet. Now you know where the system got its name from. The different combinations are made up as follows: The two patent bets each result in 7 rows (3 single bets, 3 two-person combinations and 1 three-person combination). The Yankee adds a further 11 betting series (6 two-person combinations, 4 three-way combinations and 1 four-way combination). The whole thing is rounded off with a combination of all 6 games. Sounds complicated? Just be patient and you will quickly find that it is not as complex as it appears at first glance.

How does an alphabet bet work?

How does an alphabet bet work? The ingredients are known, so let’s take a closer look at how it works. If you already know the Trixie and Yankee systems involved, you will have no problems understanding them. For everyone else, our theoretical example eliminates the last doubts.

Example: We choose six games from the sports betting offer. We combine the first three lots A, B and C in the first patent and the other three D, E and F in a second patent. Then we pack the four games B, C, D and E in a Yankee. Finally, we deliver a combination of all our games (A, B, C, D, E, F).

Application: The big advantage of the alphabet bet compared to the other systems that we have presented to you on our main page about the systems is the different weighting of the tips. We place the two predictions, which we are least convinced of, in positions A and F. Therefore, they are only represented in one patent and in the six-seater combination. Neither occurs in the Yankee at all, giving us the chance to hit it completely, even if A and F are wrong.

Alphabet bet and football

The connection between the alphabet system and football betting was not a love at first sight. It took a while for the two to get together. Originally, it was initially developed specifically for horse and dog races . Only later did the potential of system betting become clear in football, and since then it has become indispensable, especially for the crazy Britons with round leather. But of course the alphabet bet is also available for the complete sports betting program of the betting providers. Whether tennis , basketball or any other sport – you are spoiled for choice.

Alphabet bet example

So far we have stayed a lot in the theoretical area. But now it is time to put our knowledge into practice. For our alphabet system example, we chose games from the English Premier League and pay tribute to the inventor of this system bet.

GamesOur tipOdds “1”Quote “X”Odds “2”
Bournemouth – BrightonX2.402.953.20
Leicester – Newcastle12.103.203.50
Manchester City – Huddersfield11.109.0021.00
Watford – West Ham2nd2.553.202.80
Chelsea – Fulham11.156.507.75
Arsenal – LiverpoolX2.453.502.65

As you can see in the table, we have chosen places 1 and 6 in the alphabet system for our two riskier tips. Accordingly, the two draws between Bournemouth-Brighton and Arsenal-Liverpool also have the highest odds in our system bet. Due to the positioning, both games are not involved in the Yankee bet. We play each of the 26 rows with € 3 each . The total investment thus amounts to € 78.

All in all, we did well. As previously feared, our two riskier forecasts did not work out, but the other four games were all hits. So we lose both patents and the six-combination but are successful with our Yankee. We are paid 6 pairs of two, 4 three-way and 1 four-way. In total, we get at least € 173.15. If we subtract our stake from € 78, the bottom line is a respectable total profit of € 95.15 .

If we had also had Arsenal-Liverpool right, the total profit would have increased to € 259 through the additional patent won. Of course, it would be even better if we had been right with all the tips. In this case, the joy over € 546 would have been very great. As you can see, the Alphabet system bet offers you plenty of opportunities to win despite the wrong tips .

Conclusion: a special system bet

In the selection of our tips, we are rarely equally sure of all predictions. There is usually one or the other tip that is a little riskier than the others. In such cases, the hour of the alphabet bet strikes. With this, we can integrate the different risk of the tips perfectly into the system and, despite the wrong forecasts, the bottom line is still a plus. For this system bet, some experience in the sports betting sector is necessary, especially if the system is not offered by the betting provider and we therefore have to put it together ourselves.

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