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Best Sports Betting Apps 2020

With the development of better and better smartphones and tablets in recent years, there have also been some changes among sports betting sites.

Because after the first bookmakers discovered the internet for sports betting in 2000 and the online betting portals became extremely successful, the trend in the recent past has clearly been towards mobile betting and sports betting apps.

No online bookmaker can do without a powerful sports betting app with an extensive range of functions. When placing bets, betting customers do not want to be dependent on their PC and have enough flexibility to bet when they want to. Sports betting apps are part of the portfolio of every betting provider and each of them has its own services that are connected to mobile use. We explain what is important and worth knowing about sports betting apps.

What do the sports betting apps have to offer?

Sports betting apps have been enjoying increasing popularity among sports betting fans for a few years now. This is because the respective apps and also the mobile versions of the website of a sports betting site have been continuously improved.

The apps are currently so sophisticated that in  addition to the actual betting offer, a whole range of other functions  are also available on the go. This includes, for example, mobile access to the statistics area of ​​a site and of course also the option to make a mobile payment to the existing betting account. If you were correct with a bet, there is also the possibility to arrange a payout.

The technical variants around mobile betting

The mobile applications at online betting sites can be largely divided into two categories:  native sports betting apps  and special  mobile websites  based on HTML5. In the first case, the sports betting app is downloaded from the app store of your own operating system provider. No download is required for the mobile websites and access is easy via the Internet browser.

When it comes to the differences between the two mobile versions, it can be seen that the apps often have additional functions that an HTML5 website does not offer. Furthermore, apps are generally more gentle on the battery of the mobile device. All in all, download programs are usually better adapted to mobile use and touch screens and enable more convenient navigation and easier handling.

The advantages of sports betting apps and a mobile website

The main advantages of the mobile site and the apps are that  comfortable betting is possible on the go and in almost any location  . Because in the past, many have been annoyed that a certain bet could not be placed because they were on the go. Fortunately, these times are over with the sports betting apps, because now you can place a bet with your smartphone even while visiting the stadium.

  • Flexibility : At any time and any place, bets on any sport can be placed with an app. No matter whether at the bus stop on the way to work or in the evening on your own couch – a bet is quickly placed and your fingers crossed.
  • Betting markets always in view : Even if you do not place any bets, you can view the betting options via your app and keep an eye on the most interesting offers. The app starts quickly and the entire betting overview of your bookmaker opens.
  • Fast, uncomplicated betting : a betting slip can be filled out and sent with just a few taps . A lot of effort is not necessary when using it.
  • Special mobile bonuses : Many betting sites want to promote mobile betting and are devising special bonus offers for mobile users. The use of a sports betting app is still associated with special discounts.
  • Free access : As a rule, no fees are charged for downloading or using a mobile application.

Are there any disadvantages to the mobile app?

No disadvantages can be expected from the apps themselves. The risks that an app can pose are more related to the habits of sports weather. If a bet can be placed quickly and effortlessly in between, one or the other may be drawn to a rash betting decision. Otherwise there are no disadvantages compared to the PC version.

Which mobile betting offer can be found at bookmakers?

There are usually no restrictions regarding the betting markets when it comes to mobile offerings. This means that all betting options that you would find on the PC are also available in the app. Access to the personal account area is also possible. This means that the user can view all past transactions and always keep track of profits and losses.

It is not only possible to use the mobile bonuses via your own smartphone and tablet – usually there is access to all bonus offers of the bookmaker as well as participation in the loyalty program, if there is one. Deposits and withdrawals are also possible via mobile devices as well as the creation of a new betting account.

How to place a bet using the sports betting app

To place a bet on a smartphone or tablet, do not proceed differently than you would on a PC:

  1. Log in with your access data or register to create a betting account.
  2. After logging in, it is about choosing the betting markets on which you want to bet money. Use your fingertip to navigate through the betting offer and call up all betting options that are available.
  3. Submit your tips and when you tap a betting tip, it will automatically be added to your betting slip.
  4. Decide whether you want to play single bets, combination bets or system bets and in the last step you determine the amount of your bet.
  5. Now it is time to check all the information on the betting slip and to send the slip with another finger touch. There is nothing more to do and all that is left for you to do is cheer and keep your fingers crossed.

Are live bets possible via the app?

Yes, most bookmakers give their customers mobile access to the live betting offer. Like placing bets, it works just as it would on a computer. Simply open the live betting sector, choose the favorite betting markets and place the tips.

A powerful app is particularly important for live betting. The time factor is particularly important here, because the live odds for sports betting can change within seconds. For example, an app should enable fast and effective betting and there should  n’t be too much time between sending and accepting the betting tips .

What about mobile live streams?

Every bookmaker handles this point differently. There is also the question of whether a betting site even provides live streaming services. If there are live images of the sports matches at the betting company, you can assume that they are also available in the mobile view. As an alternative to streams, many online bookmakers offer animations in real time. This also makes it easy to understand the gameplay, wherever you are.

This shows a good sports betting app

There are several factors by which the quality of a mobile offering can be measured. A good app does not make up the individual aspects, but their interaction. No app can be top class in every respect – the entire package of services must be right to be able to speak of an excellent offer.

  • Mobile betting offer : Among other things, a good app means that it offers the possibility to access the entire betting offer of the bookmaker. Not only are all sports categories available, but also all betting markets including special and long-term bets. Of course, the live sector should also exist in full and offer the possibility to get streams and / or animations.
  • Security aspect: The data transmission should also be encrypted via the sports betting apps and offer users the maximum possible security. Corresponding information can be found in the app description and requested from customer support.
  • Handling and navigation : Orientation should not pose any problems even on the small smartphone screen. Ideally, even the inexperienced betting customer will have no problem finding their way around and placing bets. Searching the betting markets is effectively possible with a good app, as is calling up all special bets. In the best case, the bet information is completed within a few seconds.
  • Bonus offers : It does not necessarily have to be a special mobile bonus that the bookmaker offers – but a good provider always gives access to all offers that the customer would find on the desktop. Collecting loyalty points and unlocking the bonus amount should also be no problem on the mobile device.
  • Deposits and withdrawals : In the best case, all payment methods of the bookmaker are available free of charge and without restrictions in the mobile version. Of course, the transactions should not only be fully available, but also free of charge and as fast as on a PC.
  • Mobile customer service : A good bookmaker provides mobile customers with the full range of services. This includes all communication channels and all knowledge offers that the customer would also find in the desktop version.

How will mobile betting develop?

The betting providers already generate a good 50 percent of their total turnover with mobile betting. If you look at the recent past, you can see that the apps have already developed enormously. But most experts expect an even bigger trend towards mobile betting in the future, because on the one hand the mobile devices are becoming more and more powerful and the bookmakers are providing better and more extensive sports betting apps.

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