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Gunners vs. Spurs – No nice neighbors

North London Derby – Arsenal vs. Tottenham – betting derby guide!

The North London Derby between Arsenal Football Club and Tottenham Hotspur Football Club is one of the most explosive derbies in the English capital. The rivalry is topped only by the derby between Millwall and West Ham United.

Both clubs are founding members of the 1992 Premier League and did not play in the same division for the last time in the 1977/78 season.

It was the only season in the past 65 years when there was no league derby between Arsenal and Tottenham. In the rest of the seasons, they always met in the top English division. There have also been numerous derbies in the League Cup and FA Cup in the past. The derby was played for the first time on December 4, 1909. Arsenal won 1-0 at the time. This was followed by many exciting and, in some cases, pre-decisive derbies in the metropolis.

Arsene Wenger, (Arsenal won 5-4, November 2004) Derbies are either totally boring or completely crazy. Today we had the crazy variant.
Arsenal remained undefeated against Tottenham between March 2000 and October 2009, a total of 20 derbies. The Gunners never stayed longer than five league games without winning against their big rival. The game on May 3, 1971 (0-1) and 33 years later the encounter on April 25, 2004 (2-2) were particularly bitter from Spurs point of view. Both times Arsenal celebrated the championship on White Hart Lane, the home of the Spurs. An intolerable humiliation. The Spurs, on the other hand, are fond of remembering the legendary 3-1 in the 1991 FA Cup semi-final against Arsenal, when Paul Gascoignes, for example, hammered a free kick directly into the Arsenal housing from 30 meters and his goal was later voted goal of the year.

Arsenal vs. History Tottenham

The great rivalry between the Gunners and the Spurs was launched in 1913 after Arsenal’s relocation. Arsenal was previously located in Woolwich. On the south bank of the Thames, opposite today’s London City Airport, there is the DLR (Docklands Light Railway) Stadium Woolwich Arsenal. Workers from the Royal Arsenal armaments factory founded the club in 1886. The nickname Gunners also dates from that time. 27 years after it was founded, Arsenal traveled from the south-east to the north of London, to Highbury, just 4 miles from White Hart Lane. The home of the Spurs. Tottenham has always been located in the north. The rivalry was born and really got going in 1919. The former First Division was increased from 20 to 22 clubs. Chelsea didn’t descend as 19th, but the Spurs had to be 20th. start in league 2. For this, the two promoters Derby County and Preston North End moved up quite regularly. However, why the fifth arsenal was allowed to rise is still a mystery. The rumors that bribes were the deciding factor persist.

The Spurs were the more successful team for many years. It was only in derby number 238 (all games, not just competitive games) that Arsenal overtook the Spurs for the first time with the 93rd derby victory. In general, Tottenham had the greatest time in the years until 1961, when the last of two championships could be won. At Arsenal, on the other hand, another six were added to the previously seven championship titles, so that the Gunners ranked well ahead of the Spurs with 13 championships. In contrast to Arsenal, the Spurs won three European Cups (1963, 1972 and 1984), while Arsenal only had two European Cups in the showcase (1970, 1994). Both clubs are the most successful in London (measured by the trophies won).

Stadium situation Arsenal vs. Tottenham

Both clubs have never had to share a stadium. That would also be very unusual in England. Arsenal played mainly at the Manor Ground in Plumstead during the Woolwich period. Between 1890 and 1893 Arsenal competed in the Invicta Ground. Between September 1913 and May 2006, Arsenal played at the legendary Highbury Stadium. Since July 2006, the £ 470 million and 60,260 seat Emirates Stadium has been the home of the Gunners.

The first years after the club was founded in September 1882, the Spurs played at Tottenham Marshes and Northumberland Park before moving to White Hart Lane in September 1899. The lane has remained the home of the Spurs to this day. But for the 2018/19 season, the Spurs will move to a new, modern arena that will be built right next to the current stadium and will accommodate 61,000 spectators upon completion.

Arsenal vs. fans Tottenham

Meanwhile, clubs no longer only have fans in London or England, but all over the world. Arsenal fans refer to the nickname Gunners as “Gooners”. The Spurs are called “Yids”, which is due to the fact that a large Jewish community has always been at home around White Hart Lane. Between 1970 and 1980, the hooligans’ wedding in English football, the Spurs were often the target of anti-Semitic chants. The rivalry between the two clubs is very pronounced. However, riots have become very rare and do not happen in or near the stadium. Arsenal launched St. Totteringham’s Day a few years ago. This is celebrated every year when Arsenal can no longer be caught up in the table by Tottenham. Since 1995, Arsenal has always graduated from the Spurs.

Formative players Arsenal vs. Tottenham

A total of eight players moved from Tottenham to Arsenal, only Vic Groves in the 1950s not directly. First it was Arsenal and then the Spurs for seven players. However, David Bentley and Emmanuel Adebayor did not choose the direct route. Laurie Brown, Sol Campbell, David Jenkins, Pat Jennings, Jimmy Robertson, Willie Young, William Gallas and Emmanuel Adebayor played the derby for both sides. But only Robertson and Adebayor scored for both Arsenal and the Spurs in a North London derby.

Particularly high waves have made two changes in the past. George Graham took over the coaching position at Tottenham in November 1998, before that he had been with Arsenal for nine years and won the English championship with the team in 1989 and 1991. The derby against Arsenal was waiting for him a month after he joined the Spurs. There the emotions boiled particularly high in the fan camps and Graham was insulted as “Judas”. No comparison, however, with what happened three years later when Sol Campbell switched from Tottenham to the Gunners in July 2001. “Judas” was the most harmless thing the central defender had to listen to.Campbell made a free transfer and as Tottenham captain to the arch rival. Previously, he announced that a move to Arsenal was out of the question for him. When the “public enemy number 1” returned to the lane for the first time after changing his Gunners’ jersey, he experienced the worst verbal abuse that has occurred in modern football in recent years.

Not a formative player figure, but the formative coach figure of the past few years is of course Arsene Wenger. The Frenchman has been the coach face of the Gunners since August 1996. During his tenure, he now saw eleven Spurs coaches (not including interim solutions).

Arsenal vs. World Records Tottenham

The highest scoring derby took place on November 13, 2013, when Arsenal celebrated a 5-4 win on White Hart Lane. The Gunners’ greatest victory was 8-0 on March 6, 1935. Tottenham won twice against Arsenal 5-0 (December 25, 1911 and April 4, 1983). Arsenal won the Spurs 5-0 on December 23, 1978. All three games took place on the lane.

Tottenham’s top scorers are Billy Minter and Bobby Smith, each with nine goals. For Arsenal, Emmanuel Adebayor, Alan Sunderland and Robert Pires each met eight times in a derby. Adebayor is also the player with the most hits in a North London Derby with ten (eight for Arsenal, two for Tottenham).

The player with the most derby appearances is former Arsenal defender David O’Leary, who has played 35 times against the Spurs. Gary Mabbutt and Steve Perryman hold the Spurs record with 31 appearances.

Terry Dyson is the only player with a hat trick against Arsenal. He succeeded on August 26, 1961 in a 4-3 victory. For Arsenal, Ted Drake (October 20, 1934) and Alan Sunderland (December 23, 1978) did a hat trick in the derby.

Record setting:

Tottenham 3-1 Arsenal, 77.893 (April 14, 1991), Wembley Stadium
Arsenal 1-1 Tottenham, 72.164 (September 29, 1951), Highbury
Tottenham 1-4 Arsenal, 69.821 (October 10, 1953), White Hart Lane
Arsenal 3-0 Tottenham , 60,115 (December 2, 2006), Emirates Stadium

Betting options Arsenal vs. Tottenham

Arsenal clearly leads the derby record with 78 wins. The Spurs won 55 times and the derby ended in a draw 49 times. Arsenal have scored a total of 286 goals so far, the Spurs 242. In the Premier League alone there have been only five of 47 derbies that went 0-0 since 1992 (April 1996, August 1997, November 1998 at Arsenal; February 1997 and February 2009 on the lane) ).

Since the 1989/90 season, the Spurs have lost only five against Arsenal at White Hart Lane of 26 Premier League games. But there were only nine victories. Most of the duels ended in a draw (twelve). With the Gunners, the Spurs have a miserable record. The Spurs could only win one of the last 23 games (one win, eight draws, 13 losses) at Arsenal. On November 20, 2010, the Spurs turned a 0-2 into a 3-2 away win.

The home advantage in the derby cannot be denied. In the Premier League, the Gunners have mostly played the favorite role in recent years. But the tide now seems to be turning. The derbies are more open than ever and it is definitely worth betting on the Spurs.

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