Asian handicap for basketball

Asian handicap for basketball

Typing basketball games is not always easy. In contrast to football, a lot of points are scored on both sides, narrow games in the final phase are often decided by teams that have the better nerves and have a top player in their ranks who has a particularly good day and the last few seconds can still use for a decisive litter. When games are on the edge of the knife, your tip is quickly wrong. With an Asian handicap for basketball, the risk can be significantly minimized. As with all normal handicap sports betting one of the two teams starts with more points than the opponent. These counters are added to the real end result. However, if the handicap results in a theoretical tie, the bet will be canceled and you will get your stake back.

How to use Asian handicap betting in basketball

For example, in the NBA, do you bet a Dallas Mavericks victory over the LA Lakers despite a handicap of ten points. Then the Mavs have to win your game by at least eleven points, only then will you win your bet. If you win in the end with exactly ten points ahead, the stake is paid out and remains with you. Every closer victory or defeat of the Mavericks leads to a bet defeat. Thanks to the handicaps, the differences between favorites and outsiders are taken into account in the odds. Ideally, the odds for both teams are just under 2.0 and result in a realistic scenario. This often makes sense especially if you want to bet on favorites, but still claim a good odds for the tip.

Asian handicap betting alongside basketball

When FC Bayern compete against a smaller club from the table cellar in the Bundesliga, these games are often of no interest to gamers. It only makes sense to guess the outsider’s surprise win because it has an excellent odds. In most cases, however, this is unrealistic. And a tip on Bayern with a odds of 1.2 or 1.3 is also not very enjoyable and only causes unnecessary trouble if the Munich team pats against expectations and a sure bet is lost or even – the classic – of all things Mistake of the big favorite destroyed an otherwise successful combination bet. A handicap bet makes it possible to bet on a favorite’s victory without having to forego a good odds.It then only has to be correspondingly clear. That is why it often makes sense to make live bets for football to play and watch the start of a game to better predict its outcome.

Typical gameplay for Asian handicap for basketball

Anyone who regularly watches competitions of a sport knows the patterns according to which they often run. Recognizing these patterns early and incorporating them into a tip is the great art of betting. Even an Asian handicap bet on a favorite can be risky if you look at your betting information misjudge your .If a supposedly clear winner in football, for example, concedes an early goal after a confused initial phase, it can then be difficult to score a clear victory.A handicap of two goals, for example, may then be difficult to catch up, the team is concentrating on turning the game around at all. The other way round, a handicap bet may make sense if it is still 0-0 at half time. Imagine Real Madrid playing at home against a team that is in the table cellar, has never won at the Bernabeu and seems to have no chance again this time. 

At break it is still goalless despite the oppressive dominance of the Madrilenians. Now the odds for an Asian handicap bet with a deficit of two goals for Real are increasing significantly. Just bet on this attractive odds and watch Real eat your opponent after the break. The first goal opens the opposing wall, the outsider now has to play forward himself, leaving defensive gaps, which Real exploits freezing cold. A 3-0 win at the end is now absolutely realistic and really flushes money into the betting account. And if in the end it’s just a win with a two-goal lead, you’ll get your stake back.

Two bets in one with two handicaps

Basketball Asian handicap and other sports have the further advantage that you can not only bet on whole points. A handicap 0.5 is also possible, for example. This means that a team gets half a goal deducted. The motto also applies here: Draw is not fun. The favorite is now deducted half a goal, the outsider awarded half. Bet 100 euros in the district derby on a Schalke win against Dortmund, if Schalke starts with a handicap of 0.5, you win your bet in a Schalke win and lose in a draw or a Dortmund win. There are also basketball betting tips on a handicap of three quarters of a goal are possible.For example, you play an Asian handicap of 0.5 and 1. This means that the favorite goes into the game with a deficit of three quarters of a goal. In fact, you play two online bets – one with a handicap of 1 and another with a handicap of 0.5. So now put 100 euros on the supposed favorites, 50 euros go into each tip. If the favorite wins by at least two goals, you win both bets. However, if he wins by only one goal, only the bet with handicap 0.5 is won, with handicap 1 the game ends in a tie. In this case you get half of the bet back and win with the other half. You will only lose the bet if both bets are lost.

Asian handicap for basketball makes games more exciting

Of course, better odds in basketball Asian handicap betting are used to positively influence the likelihood of a win and the amount of the win. In addition, it is much more fun to follow a game if you can win yourself. Clear favorites can often be identified in the NBA or the German BBL, which easily win their games. With Asian Handicap for basketball, these games will also be more exciting because the top team not only has to win, but also has to bring a particularly large number of baskets between themselves and the opponents.

Asian handicap for basketball betting for newcomers

It is particularly fun to bet with money that you don’t own. Our providers offer newcomers bonuses from the  sports betting bonus comparison. The first deposit is often doubled. Others donate free bets and pay your stake. Others offer both. With free bets, there is also a risk that you might avoid using your own money. Especially at the beginning, it is so easy to invest a certain entry fee in order to be prepared for the challenges of gaming and to be able to react to exciting sports betting odds and interesting offers for live betting . Whether Champions League betting , basketball betting or Tennis betting– With the sports betting bonus you can enjoy numerous promising betting offers.

Conclusion: Asian handicap for basketball at any time in betting offer

If you feel like using your free start credit for great basketball betting odds and trying out the Asian Handicap model, you are welcome to take a look around to see what the betting offer currently has to offer. You will find exciting games from the German Basketball Bundesliga, but of course you will also dare to look across the pond. The top events in basketball naturally increase in the North American NBA when the top stars meet. The games are also broadcast live on Pay TV in Germany and can be followed and bet live at any time. Every now and then you will have to get up in the middle of the night or not even have to go to bed. But if you can accept that, you will discover numerous opportunities in US sport to easily increase your money. Try it out, take the first losses not so difficult thanks to the starting credit gift. You will learn how to predict basketball betting. Asian handicap basketball betting is your start into the betting world!

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