Best World Athletics Championships Betting Sites

Best World Athletics Championships Betting Sites 2020

The first major athletics event of the year is the 18th World Indoor Championships 2020. The IAAF World Athletics Association has chosen the Chinese metropolis of Nanjing as the venue. In the Nanjing’s Cube specially built for the World Championships in Athletics, the best athletes in the world will find top conditions to possibly set new records in the 26 competitions. The participating nations will start on March 13th with the pentathlon and heptathlon in the 60-meter race and the 60-meter hurdle race. Since athletics betting is generally considered difficult, our editorial team has summarized interesting tips and tricks for the World Indoor Championships and has also found an excellent bookmaker that you can use without any problems.

The running competitions in Nanjing

As part of the World Indoor Championships, which will take place from March 13 to March 15, 2020, runners and sprinters will compete against each other over different distances on all event days. In addition to the hurdle race over 60 meters, there will also be a showdown in the sprint discipline in the 60-meter run. The finale is the highlight of the World Cup for most athletics fans and betting on a new world record is very popular. There are also various medium-distance runs to be held in the hall over 400 meters, 800 meters, 1,500 meters and 3,000 meters.

The highest odds offer bets on the winner. It is possible to place tips on individual favorites in the preliminary decisions before going to the semi-finals and on the last day of the tournament for overall victory. Good bookmakers offer World Cup bets for track and field athletics that already make it possible to win a bet if the tip of the gold medal winner does not arrive and the athlete still lands on the podium. In this case, the original win rate is usually halved as part of an each-way bet.

Tippers should pay special attention to the Chinese sprinter Su Bingtian. The Asian record holder was beaten by the American sprinter Christian Coleman at the last World Indoor Championships. In his home country, he is certainly good for a surprise in the most prestigious discipline. However, the American is a top favorite as the reigning indoor world champion and world record holder. In this case, a head-to-head bet or betting on the heats is also possible. This also applies to the favored Ethiopian middle distance runners, who dominate in all distances from 1,500 meters.

A few betting tips for decision making

The World Athletics Championships in the hall require enormous expertise from the player. In the 13 disciplines of men and women there is of course one participant who has been given a favorite role due to their previous successes. In the end, there are special features associated with every sports discipline that the typing enthusiast should deal with. Apart from the 4 x 400 meter relay, the result always depends on individual athletes.

Thus, the daily form of the athletes is essential for athletics indoor WM betting. Placing a bet early can result in quite high odds, but it is only possible to a limited extent to assess the condition of an athlete. For this reason, it is worthwhile in the area of ​​long-term bets to bet on the overall winner of all nations with one tip. On the other hand, there are special bets such as whether the German team wins a gold medal. In this case, regardless of the sport, it is possible to win a bet.

By the way, it is all the more exciting to watch the individual competitions of the World Indoor Championships. That a team other than the USA collects the most medals is hardly to be expected. Only bets placed outside the American team are worthwhile in this regard.

Interesting tips on the tournament

The classic handicap bet is also available in a modified form for risk takers. Most of the time, a runner starts with a certain lead or gets a fictitious backlog. There are also bets available where the bettor guesses whether a runner is faster than a certain competitor or achieves a better distance in a triple jump. There are enough variations to be found in the betting program for the World Championships in Athletics. Anyone who continuously obtains new information during the World Indoor Championships despite the seven-hour time difference can gain an advantage when placing bets.

If an athlete convinces with exceptional performances that no bookmaker could have guessed, it may be worth placing a bet towards the final day. Live betting is also offered for some competitions, although of course a certain degree of tact is required. These are offered primarily for technical disciplines such as shot put or long jump and also for the medium distance. As a betting enthusiast, most disciplines in the area of ​​in-play betting have to make quick decisions. If you manage to master the height of the high jump in the last attempt or not. With a little experience and a certain feeling for athletes and sports, it is quite possible to get through many bets within a very short time.

Many decisions in one day

At the World Championships in Athletics in Nanjing 2020, numerous decisions are made every day, and a corresponding number of betting markets are also available. Tip fans should note that the results of the 2020 World Athletics Championships will not be taken into account to meet the qualification criteria for the upcoming Olympic Games. Nevertheless, the World Indoor Athletics Championship is an important event in order to be able to assess the current level of performance, and of course the prize money of the associations should not be underestimated. Furthermore, it is the perfect tournament to deal with athletics betting under real conditions before the start of the Summer Olympics and to bet on one of the following providers.

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