Best Badminton Betting Sites

Best Badminton Betting Sites

The best badminton betting sites allow you to bet on badminton matches played around the world, including those held within the Summer Olympics and the BWF, or Badminton World Federation. Because badminton is a somewhat esoteric sport, you may need to look under the Other Sports category at the online betting site you’re considering to determine whether they offer badminton betting. There are several qualities to seek in badminton betting sites, including lucrative bonuses, friendly customer support, robust betting software, varied deposit and withdrawal options and a range of available betting choices.

Badminton is a little publicized sport but it deserves to be known especially in sports betting. We explain to you why and how to bet on this sport.

Basic Rules of Badminton

Badminton is a racket sport between two players in singles or two pairs in doubles, placed in two half-courts separated by a net. The players, called badists, score points by hitting a shuttlecock with a racket in order to drop it into the opponent’s court.

The exchange ends as soon as the steering wheel hits the ground, or if there is a fault: if it goes out of bounds or ends up in the net.

The steering wheel is a projectile with unique aerodynamic properties that give it a trajectory very different from the balls used in most racket sports. In particular, the feathers create a much greater drag, causing faster deceleration.

The wind having too much influence on this trajectory, because the mass of a shuttlecock is generally five grams, badminton is always practiced indoors because the wind, outdoors, very disturbs the trajectory of the shuttlecock.

Since 1992, badminton has been an Olympic sport and comprises five disciplines: single man, single lady, double men, double ladies and mixed doubles. At a high level, it requires excellent physical condition as well as very good technical and tactical qualities.

Bet on Badminton

The majority of bets are placed in sports such as football, tennis, basketball, horse racing, or even baseball.

However the bet in badminton begins to find its place, however it remains a niche sport.

First select an interesting match where there is a significant level difference between the players, because betting on players at too close a level is much more complex and can be dangerous for your bet.

This phase of analysis of the proposed meetings can be a bit laborious but it is nevertheless necessary for a bet to be taken.

Types of bets

There are several ways to bet on a badminton match. Here are some types:

First, the most common and logical bet is to predict the winner, either the team or the player who will win the match. You can bet before the match or live.

Second, you can bet your money on one set of the match. It’s best to use this technique in live betting, although you can use it upstream, so you can predict which team or player will win the set.

Third, there is a bet to predict the future score of the point, namely 0-2, 2-1, 1-2, etc. You win the bet if your prediction goes well. You have to be extremely reactive. Another way to bet is to bet on the final score of the set, but it is much more risky.

Then there is the rather daring bet but which can pay off big if it works: bet on a particular player who will win the competition, the tournament, etc. In this case it is necessary to place this bet before the start of the event, the moment when the odds will be the highest because it is at this moment that the event is the most unpredictable, that the luck is with you because this n is not easy.

Which competitions to bet on?

There are several tournaments throughout the year where badminton bets can be placed. Here are some competitions that allow you to make big bets: badminton at the Olympic Games, the BWF world championship, the Thomas Cup & Uber Cup, the Sudirman Cup or even the BWF Super Series.

So if you want to venture into sports betting in badminton, there is plenty to do but focus on major competitions.

Things to know

You know how bets work in badminton and what tournaments you can place your bets at. However, don’t rush, take care to study how sports betting works. If you do not want to rely solely on luck during your sports betting then it is advisable to research and analyze the matches before placing your bets.

Bet on live matches

Always check “Direct matches”. About 90% of opponents can win against anyone. However, there is always a player against whom you can never win. Find out who these almost invincible opponents are before placing a bet and making the mistake of making a too risky bet against the big favorite.

Find out about the exact conditions of the games and the environment, such as air temperature and air flow. Did you know that a steering wheel flies faster if the temperature is higher. Thus, some players who prefer to play with slower steering speeds will be in difficulty even if they are usually considered favorites.

So remember to check the preferences of the players you bet on and analyze the playing conditions before placing your bet, it could otherwise cost you dearly.

As for any sport and a fortiori for a sport of niche one or the other of the bookmaker are likely to propose badly adjusted odds. Try to have accounts on several betting sites history of not having all your eggs in the same basket and take advantage of different odds.

The odds and odds offered by each betting site may change, allowing you to earn money by exploiting the gaps in certain platforms.

How to bet on international competitions?

There are favorites according to the world ranking, there are also favorites according to the history and the records of the players, while we also have favorites according to the coasts! The reigning world champions for the men’s singles, doubles ladies and mixed doubles are all from China: Chen Long, Tian Qing and Zhao Yunlei, and Zhang Nan & Zhao Yunlei respectively.

Add to that, Chen Long is also the reigning Olympic champion, having won the world championships in 2015 as well as winning the All England Super series.

Another favorite for men is South Korean player Son Wan-ho, and a little closer to Europe, one of the favorites is also Viktor Axelsen from Denmark.

On these international competitions there are quite rarely big surprises, we often see the favorite end up winning.

Betting on the favorite for a victory during the competition or simply for its victory in certain matches can be wise.

Badminton at the 2020 Olympics and Favorites

To check the form of badminton players, look at the world championships in Denmark in May 2020. Most of the best players will compete in the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. While China will be the favorites for the men’s doubles Olympic Games, the singles are more open, the Indian PV Sindhu again having to compete with women in singles. Japanese Kento Momota is one of the favorites in the men’s badminton competition.


  • It is an individual sport where the luck factor is not decisive, the favorite wins very often
  • Live matches offer interesting betting opportunities
  • We can follow the performances of the best players and simply analyze their form and their chance of winning a match.
  • It is a niche sport on which you can find interesting odds because bookmakers are not necessarily very expert.


  • Few live streaming matches
  • Match-fixing. Niche sports players with fairly low incomes compared to other sports are probably more easily approached and corruptible than soccer stars.
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