Best Baseball Betting Sites

Best Baseball Betting Sites

A wide variety of baseball betting sites allow bettors to bet on baseball games held within the MLB, NCAA and other baseball leagues. When selecting a baseball betting site, it’s important to consider features such as bonuses, betting options, software quality, banking methods and customer support. The best online betting sites allow you to sign up for real money baseball gambling for free.

Baseball Betting Overview

Betting on baseball in it’s simplest form is picking a team to win or lose (or picking if the total runs will be over or under a certain number). It’s really as basic as that.

Ok ok, so it’s not quite that easy, but essentially that’s what you’re doing. You’re just betting on the moneyline for a team to win. Now the moneyline may be set in that you’ll have to risk more to bet on the perceived better team or you’ll get more in return if you bet on the perceived worse team.

Betting on the total runs scored in baseball is really no different than betting on the total in the NFL or NBA. You’re betting that the total amount of runs will be over or under the total that is set by your sportsbook.

Now with the NFL and NBA, you’re typically dealing with -110 odds when it comes to totals because they can always adjust the line by half a point or more. However in baseball, half of a run makes up much more of the total, so before the oddsmaker will adjust that, they’ll adjust the odds to say -120 or -130 before actually adjusting the total by a half a run.

Now I don’t want to get to far into the details because our Baseball Betting Guide will have chapters dedicated to understanding the lines and totals as well as much more advanced concepts for the seasoned baseball handicapper. With that being said, let’s dive right into the Sports Betting Guide and find out what we have to offer.

Bet on Baseball

How To Bet Baseball

How to bet baseball? The better question should probably be “how to bet baseball…and win?” Well, that’s the million dollar question everybody wants to know…and there’s a lot of people trying to sell it to you (stay away from them).

Like I said though, anybody can bet on baseball, but what we really want to know is how do you actually win at betting baseball. You’ll probably get a different answer from every person you ask.

However, that’s a good thing because there isn’t one exact right answer. Although most people will lose money betting on baseball long term, there are handicappers that turn a profit year after year.

They all have different strategies and philosophies, but more importantly, they know how to win. They all handicap in various ways, but still get to the same result…and that’s turning a profit.

How To Bet Baseball – The Basics

We’ve already covered a lot of the basics in the first few chapters of the guide, so now we need to start building on them in order to get a plan in place. Most sports betting advice sites will never go into this much detail about betting sports…their usually more interested in just trying to sell you something.

However, it really does come down to developing your own unique baseball handicapping philosophy. Within that philosophy, you need to have a handicapping strategy in place along with a proven money management plan. From those two criteria is where everything else should follow.

We’ll talk more about each in great detail throughout the guide. I’m serious when I say this though, if you take the time to develop/create a baseball handicapping and money management strategy, then you’ll be ahead of 99% of all bettors out there.

People just don’t take the time and that’s why they’ll never win over the long term. Squares love betting the big favorites or betting big favorites on the run line, when most sharps will rarely ever take a favorite of -140 or greater.

It just isn’t good baseball sense to lay so much on heavy favorites when underdogs win all of the time…for the most part, all teams will win 60 games and lose 60 games no matter how good or bad they are, so why not pick your spots in +EV underdog situations. You won’t even need to hit 50% of your bets to show a profit.

That is just one of many baseball betting tips that we’ll discuss throughout. It is crucial to put yourself in a position that allows you to take advantage of soft lines that are set to suck the square money in…and the square money loves to follow big name pitchers.

How To Bet Baseball – Pitching

Obviously one of the biggest factors in betting baseball is pitching (both starters and relievers). More than 50% of what determines the line depends on who the starting pitchers are.

With that said, you have a few different options when placing a bet that pertains to starting pitchers. The three main options are listed pitchers, specified team pitcher, or action.

The most common by far is listed pitchers (and what I would recommend as well). This simply means that when you place your bet, those two listed pitchers must start or there is no action. In other words, if there is a pitching change between when you place your bet and the start of the game, then your bet will be canceled…trust me, this a good thing.

Pitchers play a major part in handicapping a game and if one of them isn’t starting, then it can be an absolute game changer for either team. So remember, in my opinion, listed pitchers is your best option (on a side note though, for run line and totals bets, the listed pitchers must start…in other words, there is no other option).

The second option you have have is specifying that the pitcher your betting on or against must start. If they don’t, then it will result in a no action bet. Somewhat similar to listed pitchers, but you’re only specifying that one pitcher must start, not both.

The final option you have is action. The name says it all. You’re taking the action on whichever team you bet on not matter who the hell is starting.

So now you have a better idea of how starting pitching plays a major factor in how to bet baseball. This is just the beginning, I can assure you we’ll go into much greater detail throughout the guide…like I said, I want to take baby steps.

How To Bet Baseball – The Wrap Up

In the end, it all comes down to getting a good grasp of the basics and then delving into the more complicated (mathematical) strategies. The most important thing I can tell you is that you’re going to have winning days and you’re going to have losing days, but it’s how you handle those losing days that separates a successful handicapper from a square.

You’re also going to have losing streaks and plenty of bad beats. That’s just how it is. Baseball is a game that’s played by the greatest players in the world, but they’ll still make mistakes and I promise you it’ll drive you crazy at times.

This is why it is so vital to have a set plan in place so you can always go back, refocus and not do something you’ll regret…like chasing. We can’t give you a secret formula, but we can give you the building blocks to becoming a winning baseball handicapper.

Bonuses At Baseball Online Betting Sites

The best online betting sites with baseball betting offer several promotions and bonuses to build your bankroll. These include initial deposit bonuses, referral bonuses, reload bonuses, VIP programs and rotating promotions.

An initial deposit bonus at a baseball online betting site usually consists of the site matching a portion, sometimes meeting or exceeding 100%, of your very first deposit at the site. This percentage is then offered as a bonus, typically with a maximum value. In addition to initial deposit bonuses such as 100% up to $400, some baseball gambling sites simply offer free bets to new players, with additional free bets going to those who deposit additional funds.

Reload bonuses also typically have a matching percentage and a max value, though they’re less lucrative and only offered at certain times or with certain deposit methods. Referral bonuses reward you with a static or variable amount each time you refer a friend to the baseball betting site with which you’re registered. In some cases, you’ll earn a larger bonus with each friend you refer.

VIP programs offer VIP points for cheap viagra (which can be redeemed for cash or free bets) in exchange for each dollar you bet, while other promotions might offer reduced juice (the fee you pay for each wager) on certain days of the week.

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