Basketball Bet Types

Basketball Bet Types

Basketball lovers are particularly keen on betting on the American professional league NBA or the EuroLeague. Accordingly, the bookmakers offer you an extensive betting offer with numerous betting markets. So that you don’t lose track of the many different basketball bet types, we explain the various betting options in detail on this special page. We also use examples to show you how you can use these markets successfully. You will learn how basketball betting 1X2 works, what you have to consider with spread betting and everything about the variety of options that are available to you under / over betting.

Basketball betting 1X2 and other main types of betting

We want to start our journey through the basketball betting types with the markets that will always accompany you at the best betting sites for basketball. This category also includes over / under betting, which we have dedicated an extra chapter to due to the wide range of possible uses.

Winner (2-way bet)

In the winning bet, the winner of the game has to be predicted. If the match ends in a tie after regular time, the bet remains valid. The final result including a possible extension is decisive for the evaluation of this type of bet. So if your favorite wins after extra time, your 2-way bet will still be successful.

Betting basketball 1X2 (3-way bet)

The classic 3-way bet, which you know mainly from the football betting markets, is not as widespread. In basketball bets 1X2, the result counts after the regular playing time. So the game can also end in a tie. However, a draw is rare in basketball, which explains the comparatively high betting odds for this option.

Spread betting basketball / handicap betting basketball

Spread bets are deeply rooted in US sports in particular and are the American version of the handicap. The handicap basketball betting works almost exactly like the football betting market of the same name . In spread betting basketball, a team is given a fictitious lead or lag. This can be expressed in whole or in half numbers and must be added to or subtracted from the end result (including possible extension). If the game ends in a tie, you will get your stake back.

Example: Let us assume that the betting site has set the spread of -10.5 on the home team. If the home team wins the match 110: 100, all bets on the host lose. Deducting the spread (110-10.5) gives a score of 99.5. This is therefore not sufficient to exceed the 100 points scored by the visiting team.

Application: With these handicap betting basketball you have the opportunity to achieve lucrative winnings even on clear favorite teams with low victory rates. You should use this if you are convinced of a clear victory of the favorite and it is very likely that the spread specification will be exceeded. On the other hand, there is of course the opposite option. If you don’t trust the outsider to win the game, but expect a much closer match than the default suggests, positive spreads are your option.

Victory lead

In this type of basketball bet, you decide on the lead of the winning team at the end of the game. For this, the provider provides you with a range of points from which you can choose your favorite. Common specifications follow, for example, the pattern 1-2, 3-6, 7-9, 10-13 points. Any extensions are included in the result.

Even / Odd (Overall or Team)

Even / Odd bets refer to the total score of both teams (final score) or just the baskets scored by one team. The bet wins or loses depending on whether this number is odd or even.

Basketball under / over betting

Under / over betting is one of the most popular betting markets for almost all sports. They are very well suited for statistical calculations and accordingly often serve as the basis for numerous betting strategies. Of course, this also applies to basketball. You can find out exactly how the various basketball under / over bets work in the following sections.

Under / Over points

This type of bet is used very often and differently in basketball. The most popular are the under / over bets based on the total score of the game. You have to predict whether this sum is below or above a value set by the bookmaker. As with all over / under betting markets, the points of the extension are added.

Example: We decided to over 213.5 points in an NBA game. If the total score of the duel is at least 214 points at the end, we have won the bet. This would be the case for example at 115: 110. With a result of 100: 103 and all others with less than 214 points, only the bookmaker is happy about our lost stakes.

Application: Before you place your under / over bets, it is usually worth taking a look at the statistical data. How many baskets has the home team scored in the last home games or the away team in the last away games? What was the strength of each opponent? How high were the scores in the last direct duels? A corresponding evaluation may already show the first tendencies. In addition, all “under” typists should always keep in mind that a possible extension can still destroy their almost certain-looking prediction.

Under / Over player points

It is important to guess whether the points scored by a single player are above or below a number determined by the bookmaker. The baskets thrown in a possible extension are included.

Under / Over rebounds

The rebounds are the focus of this betting market. The question is whether the player fights more or fewer rebounds, based on the provider’s specifications. This type of bet also belongs to the basketball over under betting overtime and thus also includes the rebounds of a possible extension.

The best rebounders in the regular season 2017/2018
playerteambirthdayRebounds per gameTotal reboundsGames
Andre DrummondDetroit Pistons10/08/199315.91,24778
DeAndre JordanLos Angeles Clippers07/21/198815.21,17177
Dwight HowardCharlotte Hornets12/08/198512.51,01281
Karl-Anthony TownsMinnesota TimberwolvesNovember 15, 199512.31,01282
Hassan WhitesideMiami HeatJune 13, 198911.461854
Anthony DavisNew Orleans Pelicans03/11/199311.083275
Russell WestbrookOklahoma City Thunder11/12/198810.080480
LeBron JamesCleveland Cavaliers12/30/19848.670982
LaMarcus AldridgeSan Antonio Spurs07/19/19858.463575
Julius RandleLos Angeles Lakers11/29/19947.964482

Under / Over Assists

In addition to the points and the rebounds, you also have the option to tap the assists. Here, too, you determine whether the number of templates is higher or lower than the provider’s forecast.

Special bets

Many basketball betting enthusiasts primarily focus on the main bets and under / over markets. However, the sport offers you other interesting options, which we will examine in the next chapters.

Who gets x points first

This type of bet is about which team gets a certain number of points first. This market can be on offer for different sections of the game such as quarters, halves or the entire match. In addition to the two teams, it is also possible that the option “none” is also offered. If both teams fail to meet the target, you win with this option.

Halftime score

You make two predictions at the half-time / final score bet. You predict both the result after two quarters and the final status. Both tips must be correct. If only one forecast is correct, the bet is already lost. Since a tie is not possible at the end of the game due to extra time, there are only six options to choose from.

  • The team leading at halftime also wins the game (1/1, 2/2)
  • The team leading at halftime ends up losing (1/2, 2/1)
  • A team wins after a tie at half-time (X / 1, X / 2)

Extension yes / no

No big explanations are needed for this market. You just have to guess if additional game time is needed to determine the winner of the game. The bet corresponds to the “X” option on 3-way bets.

Live betting quarters

With the numerous live basketball bets, you can place your bets on the outcome of the different game sections. Predictions for all quarters are possible on the basketball bet types already explained. For each individual quarter you can bet on the winner, the under / over lines, on even / odd and many other options.

Long term bets

In addition to betting on the current games, you also have the chance to make your predictions on various long-term betting markets in basketball. These extend over a longer period and are particularly numerous in the program before the start of the respective basketball competitions . But also during the current season, many markets are updated or new betting options are offered. We will now introduce you to the most important outright types.

Tournament winner

The most classic of all long-term bets is simply to name the team that will win a particular competition. This type of bet is offered both for club competitions and for national team tournaments.

Number of wins in the regular season

The number of games that a team wins during the regular season must be predicted. It is not necessary to state the exact number, just whether the number of wins is above or below a threshold set by the bookmaker. This market is particularly popular before the start of the NBA.

The teams with the most wins in the regular season 2017/2018
teamlogoVictoriesDefeatsVictories in overtimeWin rate (%)
Houston RocketsHouston Rockets6517th2 of 279.3
Toronto RaptorsToronto Raptors59234 of 672.0
Golden State WarriorsGolden State Warriors5824th2 of 270.7
Boston CelticBoston Celtic5527th2 of 467.1
Philadelphia 76ersPhiladelphia 76ers5527th1 of 263.4
Cleveland CavaliersCleveland Cavaliers50322 of 261.0
Portland Trail BlazersPortland Trail Blazers49332 of 359.8
Indiana PacersIndiana Pacers48343 of 358.5
Oklahoma City ThunderOklahoma City Thunder48343 of 458.5
Utah jazzUtah jazz48342 of 358.5

Final status of the series

This market relates to the play-off rounds. The exact final status of the series is required here. The number of options depends on the mode you are playing. The more wins you need to reach the next round, the higher the number of options.

In how many games will the series be decided?

Here you enter the number of games that are required for a team to assert themselves in the series and thereby move on to the next round. The number in the respective mode such as best-of-five or best-of-seven reveals the maximum possible number of games.

Example: Let’s look at the NBA, whose play-off series are played in the best-of-seven mode. With an intermediate score of 3-2, the next match is decisive if we bet on six games. If the leading team wins and moves 4-2 to the next round, we have reason to celebrate. However, if the other team equalized, our bet would have been lost and seven games would have been the right tip.

Application: Especially in the first play-off round, when the strongest teams of the main round meet the less good teams, the differences in performance are usually quite clear. Here, the favorite should generally prevail in four or five games. The closer to the title decision and the level differences between the teams become smaller, the more likely it is to be a competitive and narrow series. Duels over six or the maximum number of seven games are not uncommon here.

Team wins game X and progress

With this special type of bet, two of your forecasts must be correct in order to make the bet successful. You predict whether a team will win a particular game in the series and reach the next round at the same time. If only one tip is correct, you lose this bet.

Series result after x games

The intermediate status in the series after a certain number of games is asked here. So you have to guess the number of wins of each team up to this point.

Series victory after deficit

Will one of the teams make a comeback? If a team still succeeds in winning the series despite a gap in the meantime, you win this bet. Of course, the opposite option is also available. To be successful in this, there must be no change of leadership within the series.

Time of departure

It is important to predict when a team has to leave a tournament. We find these betting markets especially in the big tournaments such as the World and European Championships. Here you can, for example, bet on whether the team will leave the semi-finals, the round of 16 or even in the preliminary round.

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