Best Basketball Betting Sites

Best Basketball Betting Sites 2020

Basketball is a sport whose origins are relatively well documented. Today basketball is considered one of the most popular sports in the world. You can’t take on football when it comes to fans and media coverage, but that’s not the case in all countries. Basketball is very important in countries such as Greece, the USA and Spain. The popularity of basketball in North America is not entirely accidental, because it is also the origin of this sport, in which a ball has to be thrown into a basket with an open net. So in a game there are no goals but baskets and not too little. The baskets are felt every second, which makes basketball a fast sport and, above all, very interesting for sports betting. Opportunities and games are rarely lacking. Ideal for basketball fans, but also sports fans in general could enjoy it.

What are basketball bets?

Basketball is a very fast sport in which a lot can happen in a short time. However, games can last around eighty to one hundred minutes, even though the total playing time per quarter is ten or twelve minutes. The reason for the longer time is that the watch stops when there are interruptions. If there is still a tie at the end of a game, then it goes into extra time. Since a lot of baskets fall and there can be different points for the throws, basketball is always very exciting, especially in the playoffs or knockout rounds. Accordingly, basketball betting has a very special effect, which is difficult to escape as a sports fan.

What are the differences in basketball betting?

Basketball is played in many countries around the world, sometimes with varying degrees of popularity, which is mainly due to the strengths of the leagues. In the United States, basketball is one of the big and popular sports and is ahead of football. Basketball is also very popular in Germany, which is also due to the strong league. All in all, Europe is very well positioned in terms of basketball and therefore the Euroleague is regularly very busy as the best teams in Europe meet here. It gets even more international at world championships, in which the USA is often in the lead, but by no means always. Basketball fans know it anyway, but other sports fans can also enjoy basketball. The associated basketball bets are characterized by good chances and a lot of variety.

Betting on basketball games

In addition to football, basketball is a sport that is well served by most betting sites. At times the popularity in Europe is not as high as in the USA, but it is enough for the betting offer to be regularly filled with exciting games. For example from the US NBA or the German BBL. Teams compete against each other on matchdays, and playoffs follow at the end of the season. Then there is the Euroleague and from time to time tournaments with the national teams. So you can always bet on the games and use basketball single bets. These are usually rounded off by several types of bets, for example over / under bets. The basketball markets can also be combined in combination bets.

Basketball live betting

While football games sometimes have to be satisfied with two, three or sometimes just one goal, there is always a lot going on in basketball. Baskets sometimes fall every second and some games also reach the hundred point mark on both sides. In short: basketball games are extremely exciting for the viewer, because a lot can happen and, at least in theory, a backlog can always be made up for. Last-minute points that still decide the game are not uncommon. Accordingly, basketball live betting is of course not just any games, but characterized by a high level of excitement and many options. In the best case scenario, you should also combine live betting with watching the games in order to really have access to the game.

Basketball season bets

As with many other sports, a basketball season usually begins at the end of summer or around autumn and then continues until spring of the next year. In the course of the season, of course, the best team should be sought, who ultimately wins the championship. There are lots of games you can bet on. Alternatively or in addition, a single tip can be very exciting with seasonal bets. Before the season, you tap the possible future champions. Sometimes there are other forms of seasonal bets, such as which teams reach the playoffs. Even if a season has already started, you can usually still bet on it. Since games have already been played, the odds change accordingly.

The different types of bets in basketball betting

Anyone who sees a basketball match can look forward to baskets. Even in poor games there are still enough points that will be on the scoreboard. It is always particularly exciting when two equal teams meet and do not give each other anything. A basketball match sometimes has a lot to offer, which goes beyond the search for the winner. But of course it’s all about the possible winners, but other types of bets make things more exciting. This often results in more interesting betting odds that go beyond the 2-way bet.

2-way and handicap in basketball

First and foremost, every game is searched for a winner. There are no draws in basketball, or an absolute exception in some tournaments or competitions. As a rule, however, the game continues if there is a tie at the end of the fourth quarter. Then it goes into extension. In theory, it may be that you can at least bet on a draw in regular time. This happens very rarely anyway. In the end, it’s about a winner, whether during the season or in the playoffs. The 2-way bet allows you to bet on one or the other team. This is partially expanded by handicap betting. In this type of bet, a team that is treated as an outsider is credited with an advantage, so that outsiders and favorites can get closer. Accordingly, there are more balanced odds than for the 2-way bet. How much of it is actually offered depends on the basketball betting sites.

Head2Head basketball betting

Sometimes betting sites also offer bets on events that do not exist at all. Head2Head bets are such types of bets. Here, two opponents or teams are picked out from a matchday and placed against each other, even if they are actually not competing against each other. The Head2Head bet is also about victory, which comes about because one team has thrown more baskets than the other. Head2Head bets can also take other forms. However, whether there are any for basketball at all depends on the betting site and the popularity of the event. There are greater chances of this at the World and European Championships.

Basketball betting with over / under

A very common type of bet in basketball consists of over / under bets. They are also much more common than point bets, i.e. bets where the exact number of points is predicted. Over / under betting is all about determining whether more or fewer points will fall than stated. This can apply to only one team or to the game as a whole. The quotas are of course also based on the skills of the teams. Here it can be really helpful to take a close look at the team’s point statistics and their previous accuracy. Overall, the odds are related to the probability, so there are basketball over / under bets with better and worse odds. This type of bet is usually offered by many betting sites.

Basketball point betting

The equivalent to goal betting in football is point betting when it comes to basketball. This is about predicting the exact score of the game. However, this type of bet is only very rarely offered, since it is very unlikely to predict the exact number of points and to give the odds. Sometimes there may be modified forms of point betting, but in most cases it is more about over / under betting that only includes a certain range of points. There are often very good odds here, so that point bets are not particularly missed.

Special basketball bets

There are many different types of bets. Sometimes, however, betting sites still have extras in their program that are very special. For example, in basketball there can be player bets, for example on the best player in the game or the player with the most three-point throws. In general, the rule of thumb also applies here that more types of bets and special bets are offered if the game is correspondingly popular. You have greater chances with the betting sites, who generally have a wide range of betting options.

Where can you bet on basketball?

As far as the offer from sports betting to basketball is concerned, all online bookmakers are actually always well stocked and at least offer the big competitions and leagues. Of course, this also includes the NBA in the first place, but also the BBL and the trophy in Germany. European and world championships are also offered, so that you can bet on the winner and 2-way bets on the games. As far as the offers are concerned, there are already clear differences among betting sites. If an online bookmaker generally has a broad program, basketball betting is usually not far away. For smaller offers, you should take a look beforehand to see if the desired events can be found there.

You can also play basketball on your cell phone

If you want to bet on basketball today, you will usually find a good offer or a suitable bookie with whom you can feel comfortable. Basketball bets can be placed around the clock, either until the start of the event or while it is running, for which the basketball live bets are for. And it has also become convenient above all because you can also place bets with your smartphone or tablet PC. Most betting sites have a corresponding offer through their apps or at least a page that has been specially optimized for mobile devices. A normal account with the bookie is sufficient to be able to use the mobile basketball bets.

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