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Best NCAA College Basketball Betting Sites 2020

The American sports system differs fundamentally from the German model we are familiar with. There are no promotions or relegations in the leagues and the promotion of the best young players takes place in a special way. The universities form the foundation for the respective professional leagues. The most talented players grow up in a highly professional environment and train for several hours a day. The sports programs of over 1,200 universities are organized by the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). The best known league is the NCAA Basketball League. The best college basketball players finally make the longed-for jump into the NBA. On this page you will learn how to bet on college basketball,

The betting markets

The betting markets for college basketball offered by the bookmakers are less extensive than those for the top leagues NBA or EuroLeague. Of course you can bet on the winner of the games. You don’t have to do without the other two most popular types of betting with most bookmakers. Both handicap and under / over college basketball betting are part of the repertoire. The best betting sites have other types of bets for you on offer. You can bet on the victory lead, even / odd, half time / final score, or whether an extension will follow. During the NCAA basketball season, you have the opportunity to choose your favorite favorites from a seemingly endless number of colleges in the long-term betting area. However, we must also point out that the NCAA basketball bets are also treated very neglectfully by some sites. These have no long-term bets and only offer 2-way bets for the individual games. Overall, the bookmaker’s odd level for the NCAA is a pleasingly high 94-96%.

The college basketball system

The NCAA Basketball Championship we’ve spoken of so far is the most important of the three different divisions at NCAA in college basketball. It has over 350 of America’s largest universities. It’s the league you can find at the best basketball betting sites . In the following chapters, we not only look at Division I, but also at the other two divisions and the women’s competition.

NCAA basketball betting: Division I

The NCAA Basketball Division I is the most prestigious division and is the center of media attention. It mainly includes the large universities with the highest budgets. This means that they also have the largest contingent of sports scholarships and thus attract the best players for their teams. The associated universities must also offer at least seven sports across all genders, or eight for women and six for men. A total of over 350 universities are divided into 32 conferences and play their games against teams from their own conferences as well as against teams from other conferences. The highlight of the tournament, which has been held since 1939, takes place from mid-March to early April each year. It is the so-called March Madness with the championship round – the NCAA Tournament. The winners of the 32 conferences are directly qualified for this. In addition, a “Selection Committee” determines a further 36 teams based on their strength. After a qualifying round of the weakest teams, 64 teams are left. These are divided into four regions and determine the best team according to the seed list in the play-off system. The regional winners finally choose the champion in the final four.

NCAA: Division II, III and the WNCAA

Today’s Division II was founded in 1957 as the NCAA College Division Basketball Championship. The universities have fewer sports facilities, a smaller budget and, accordingly, fewer sports scholarships than the colleges in Division I. The best eight teams in the final tournament, Elite Eight, are chosen. Division III is the largest division with around 450 universities. Predominantly smaller colleges compete against each other here, their sports offer for men and women must include at least five sports. In contrast to the other two higher-class leagues, no sports grants may be awarded in Division III. Since 1981, the best female university teams have been playing their annual champions in Woman’s Basketball NCAA Division I (WNCAA).

NCAA and NBA compared

There are a number of differences between college basketball and professional NBA that you should be aware of before betting on the NCAA. College basketball is less athletic than in the NBA. For this reason, team basketball is more used, with fewer direct duels between the players. But there are also serious differences in the rules. While the pros have to complete their attacks within 24 seconds, the students have a little more time. Due to the limit of 30 seconds, the entire game is less fast-paced. However, greater fairness is required at the NCAA, as a game is eliminated after five fouls. In the NBA, on the other hand, players can afford one more foul before it comes out.

For a successful threesome, LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Co. must hit the basket from a distance of at least 7.25m. The players from UCLA or Duke do not have to cover such large distances. The triple line is 6.30m away from the basket. The playing time is also different. An NBA game lasts 48 minutes in total and a college basketball match only 40 minutes. The professional duels are also divided into quarters of 12 minutes each. In contrast, the youngsters play two halves of 20 minutes each.

The most important colleges

With over 350 teams, it is difficult to keep track of things in the NCAA. Nevertheless, we want to take a closer look at some of the most successful universities. The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) won by far the most titles. However, the last of her 11 triumphs was well over two decades ago. Under their legendary head coach John Wooden, the Bruins won an incredible 10 titles between 1964 and 1975, including seven in a row. The most famous players were Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Russell Westbrook. The University of Kentucky is in second place with eight wins. In the past, DeMarcus Cousins ​​and Anthony Davis, among others, wore the Wildcats jersey. The title last went to Kentucky in 2012.

The most successful basketball colleges in America
universityNicknameSeatleagueHallNCAA title
UCLABruinsLos Angeles, CaliforniaPac-12Pauley Pavilion11
KentuckyWild catsLexington, KentuckySoutheastern ConferenceRupp Arena8th
North CarolinaTar heelsChapel Hill, CarolinaAtlantic Coast ConferenceDean Smith Center6
DukeBlue DevilsDurham, North CarolinaAtlantic Coast ConferenceCameron Indoor Stadium5
IndianaHoosiersBloomington, IndianaBig Ten ConferenceBloomington Assembly Hall5
UConnHuskiesStorrs, ConnecticutAmerican Athletic ConferenceXL Center4th
KansasJayhawksLawrence, KansasBig 12 conferenceAllen Fieldhouse3rd
LouisvilleCardinalsLouisville, KentuckyAtlantic Coast ConferenceKFC Yum! center3rd
VillanovaWild catsVillanova, PennsylvaniaBig East ConferenceThe Pavilion3rd
Michigan StateSpartansEast Lansing, MichiganBig East ConferenceBreslin Student Events Center2nd

The University of North Carolina should not be missing from the list of the most glorious colleges. Not only because of his six triumphs so far, but also because probably the best basketball player of all time Michael Jordan wore the Tar Heels jersey from 1981 to 1984. Duke and Indiana have each won five titles so far. While the last Indian triumph in 1987 was some time ago, Duke only won his championships afterwards. However, the terrific 1975/1976 season of Indiana will be remembered. At that time, the team had a “perfect season” and remained undefeated throughout the season. The Blue Devils from Duke have been coached by coach legend Mike Krzyzewski since 1980 and were last successful in 2015.

NBA draft

At the annual NBA Draft, the teams of the NBA secure the rights to new players. Most of them previously played basketball in the NCAA. However, it is also a chance for foreign players to switch to the best league in the world. United States players must be at least 19 years of age and have left high school for a year or more. If you have spent four years in college, you are automatically eligible to enroll. The players who are not automatically approved for the draft are extensively tested and rated for their NBA suitability. A total of 60 players are drafted each year. There are two rounds in which each team can choose once.

Generally speaking, the teams with the worst win rates of the season have the best chances of choosing a player first in the draft. The exact order is determined in the Draft Lottery. The entire procedure of this draft lottery is a very complex and complicated process. The Cleveland Cavaliers 2003 with LeBron James or the Los Angeles Lakers 1979 with Magic Johnson show the importance of the first access right in the draft. The teams also selected two German players for the 2018 draft. The Los Angeles Lakers secured the services of Moritz Wagner as pick number 25. In addition, Isaac Bonga was drafted at position 39 by the Philadelphia 76ers, but was immediately passed on to the Lakers.

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